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‘Dopamine Dressing’ Is All Over TikTok — Here’s How To Embrace The Trend

#Dopaminedressing has nearly 30M views on TikTok. At first glance, the viral fashion trend looks like it’s all about bold and colorful outfits. But it’s so much more than that: It’s the idea of wearing clothes that boost your mood. 


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And it’s fun.

Why Is ‘Dopamine Dressing’ Having A Moment? 

If you’re wondering what happened to all-black chic or Kardashian-inspired beiges, think about the social climate of the past couple of years. The world has been through a lot. It’s in dire need of joy. 

“I think we all need a boost of joy in our lives and bright colors just spell fun. It’s also a signal to break out of the old classic patterns and create new pathways to a more enjoyable mode of operation in our everyday lives,” according to Leesa Evans, a Hollywood costume designer and private stylist. She has worked on films such as TrainWreck, Zoolander 2, and Bridesmaids. 

The Benefits Of ‘Dopamine Dressing’ 

The benefits of ‘dopamine dressing’ are not fluffy. Embracing the trend can create tangible positive changes in your life and increase your happiness. Science shows that your brain does indeed release dopamine, the feel-good hormone when exposed to pleasurable experiences. 

“By helping my clients find clothes that bring them joy, I have seen time and time again that their lives begin to change tremendously, whether it’s that they meet their ideal partner, they finally earn the promotion they’ve been wanting, or they get their dream job,” says personal stylist Susan Padron

That positive energy can be contagious as well. “Bright colors are bold and emote confidence and playfulness, so in many ways, it brings a sense of lighthearted joy to you and everyone around you,” adds Evans. 

Tips To Make ‘Dopamine Dressing’ Work For You 

If you’re ready to embrace the trend, keep a few factors in mind when choosing pieces to play with. As Padron puts it, ‘dopamine dressing’ is a combination of getting dressed with intention and choosing to do something that brings you joy. It also gives you permission to stand out. Those are your guiding principles when selecting clothes aligned with the ‘dopamine dressing’ trend. 

“If overly bold colors don’t feel aligned with your personality, choose to bring in dopamine in a more subtle way to your outfit, like in your eyeliner, nail polish, or accessories. You can always work your way up to a matching set in a neon color,” recommends Padron. 

Evans suggests starting with one bright color and creating a tone-on-tone look, such as red and burgundy or light blue and navy. Ready to go all-out? “Get bolder with two bright tones of equal value, primary green and bright purple or hot pink and bright red,” says Evans. “You might also try a full monochromatic head-to-toe look of hot pink or apple green.” 

Have fun with it, and choose clothes, accessories and color combinations that put a smile on your face. Posting your outfit on TikTok is optional. 

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