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TikTok’s ‘Cold Girl Makeup’ Is A Beauty Trend You May Just Embrace On The Daily

No need to love winter to get on board with TikTok’s “cold girl makeup” trend. While bold aesthetics have certainly gone viral among TikTokers – hello, dopamine dressing and Barbiecore– this beauty trend is surprisingly low-key and wearable. So wearable you may just want to embrace it on the daily.

Wondering what it entails? Generous amounts of blush across the face and nose. Not in a clownish way, but in a I-just-went-outside-and-my-cheeks-and-nose-are-still-cold way. Throw in some strategically placed highlighting and you’ve got a winning natural look

Why TikTokers Are Into Cold Girl Makeup 

Make-up artist Viki Despo is a fan of cold girl makeup. “It’s gorgeous and so easy to accomplish.” According to her, TikTokers are all over this trend because it’s a universally flattering look that requires minimal effort. “It highlights delicate features using a highlighter and rosy cheeks. We are turning away from heavy makeup and it’s more of a fresh look.” 

She also says it reminds her of Jennifer Lopez’s iconic look in the “All I Have” music video: “Very 2000s vibes, in the best way.” Since the 2000s are currently making a comeback, from Ugg boots to bootcut jeans, maybe those images of fresh-faced JLo walking down a snowy street in her pink outfit have something to do with the emergence of this trend – at least unconsciously. 

Even Hailey Bieber is rocking cold girl makeup, so you know what that means. The makeup trend really is having a moment. She recently shared a picture of her blush-centric look on Instagram to promote her beauty brand, Rhode. 

How To Nail The Cold Girl Makeup Look 

Perhaps one of the best parts of cold girl makeup is how easy it is to apply. Plus, it’s one of those looks that works as well with a cocktail dress as a pair of boyfriend jeans. “All you really need is your favorite blush and liquid highlight. The fresh finish is perfect for dressing up or being casual. Anyone can achieve this look. Also, you can add more makeup or less. It’s truly up to you,” says Despo. 

To achieve the vibe, she recommends grabbing a liquid or cream blush. Apply it generously to the apple of your cheeks and towards your cheekbones, and dab it on the tip of your nose. The tone is key here – go for a cooler pink over a red or peachy hue. “Opt for more pink tones to create the cold effect. Peachy tones warm up your complexion for more of a sunkissed look. With a liquid highlighter, accentuate your eyes and cheekbones. I love to add some highlighter on my chin and Cupid’s bow too.” 

If you want to keep things minimal, feel free to skip the foundation in favor of a tinted moisturizer. Finish the look with a lip gloss or oil or add a berry lip stain for an extra “frozen” effect. No frostbite is required. 

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