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TikTok Users Say That The ‘Strawberry Test’ Can Predict Cheating

You will never look at strawberries the same way again once you find out about the “strawberry test” on TikTok. TikTokers have been filming themselves asking their partners a series of questions related to picking strawberries from a hypothetical field. Unbeknownst to their partner, the questions are testing their loyalty. It’s all in good fun…or is it? 

How Exactly Does The ‘Strawberry Test’ Work? 

Here’s how “the strawberry test” TikTok trend works. You kick off a conversation by randomly asking your partner the following question: “If you were walking past a strawberry field, would you take a strawberry and eat it if you were really hungry?”

Then, you ask follow-up questions such as “How many strawberries would you take?”, and “If there was a fence, would you climb over it?”

The idea is that if your partner says yes to the first question, it means that they are more likely to be unfaithful. If they take more than one strawberry and are willing to climb the fence, it reveals an even higher likelihood of cheating. 

Can It Actually Predict Cheating? 

The “strawberry test” is not based on science or psychology. It’s a silly quiz on TikTok, so it would be unfair to use that question to gauge a partner’s faithfulness or even assess your own behavior. However, there is research that shows that social media can exacerbate feelings of jealousy and insecurity in relationships, according to mindbodygreen

In that sense, the popularity of the “strawberry test” can point to the fact that some people may have relationship insecurities – and that there are more constructive ways to approach this. 

This Is What You Should Focus On Instead 

“When a woman feels the need to resort to the ‘strawberry test’ on Tik Tok, I would caution her not to rely on it for the best – or even a true – analysis,” says Nancy Landrum, MA, author and relationship coach. 

“To best determine if her man is trustworthy, she needs to take note of the clues and signs that are already right in front of her. These are the little everyday clues that demonstrate a man’s character.” 

According to her, it’s far more reliable to pay attention to other signs when evaluating whether your partner is trustworthy. “Does he make excuses for showing up late to work? Or not having a work assignment completed on time? Is he prompt and thoughtful about keeping his word to you in little matters?  Like promising to attend your mother’s birthday party with you but then backing out to go to an event with his buddies? Does he treat you with respect? Is he willing to talk about tough issues without being defensive? Is he moderate in his alcohol consumption? “ she says. 

She also recommends asking yourself whether you believe that you are deserving of a faithful, committed relationship and whether you have been faithful in past relationships. “Instead of wasting your energy and time on silly games or pranks, be courageous about asking yourself and your boyfriend the tough questions if you are serious about wanting a loving, lasting partner,” she adds. 

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