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Can You Plan a Wedding Using AI?

For some couples, wedding planning can become a full-time job. Those working without a wedding planner spend an average of 200 – 300 hours planning their big day. That’s eight to 12 full days of budgeting, designing, and decision-making. 

What if there were an easier way to plan a wedding? Hiring a wedding planner is the most obvious choice, but that route can get expensive. Some brides and grooms are willing to think outside the box and use artificial intelligence to plan their weddings. 

So far, AI has proven that it can handle everything from flipping burgers to writing car commercials. It can certainly play a role in parts of planning a wedding, but for your special day to be perfect, you may need some human intervention.

AI can help find your wedding aesthetic

“A great use for AI while wedding planning is to quickly get usable ideas for activities, meal plans, wedding themes, popular first dance songs, color palettes, etc,” said Sharon Yancey of Flor Amor. “Unlike search engines, AI engines can scour available web content and present it in an easy-to-understand list without having to open every web page to find the information you’re looking for.” 

Try an AI art or image generator to bring the image you have in mind to life. For instance, type “rustic backyard wedding design” into a tool like DALL-E to get inspiration for decor, table settings, and floral arrangements. 

AI can help you write your website

ChatGPT and other text-based AI tools can help you generate first drafts of any written content you need for your wedding, from your website to your invites — and even your vows. “Whether you want a cheeky pun to put on your welcome sign or a witty play on words for your cocktail menus, ask ChatGPT to help generate wedding website text or signage ideas,” according to TheKnot.

When you hit writer’s block for your thank-you notes, wedding signage, and toast, an AI chat bot can help. Just keep in mind that whatever content AI provides will need some polishing. Edit all your copy to make sure there are no grammar errors and that it is authentic to you. 

AI can’t do everything

AI can give you good advice — in fact, Hitched put one tool to the test to see how its guidance compared to a professional wedding planner. But, it can’t do everything for you. 

“Don’t place wedding gowns on yourself virtually. You should go in person to do any dress fitting. Seeing yourself in your dress is very important,” said Ashley Ice, owner of Ashley Ice Photography. 

The same wisdom holds true for other key decisions, such as your cake, floral arrangements, and table decor. Try to see everything in person so you know exactly what how things will look on the day. 

Likewise, be careful finding wedding vendors using AI. Some tools could be using out-of-date information. ChatGPT, for instance, only uses data up to 2021. It’s possible that pricing has changed, ownership is different, or some vendors have gone out of business since then. Do your own research and read reviews to make sure you’re finding the best fits.

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