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What is Tomato Girl Summer? It’s a Vibe

For anyone living in the northern hemisphere, August is peak produce season — when ripe, juicy tomatoes are begging to be picked and eaten straight off the vine. This time of year is the absolute height of summer. Everyone is soaking up the last rays of sun, getting in those final beach days, and making the most of late summer nights. 

Tomato season is also providing plenty of inspiration for late-summer style. “Tomato girl summer” is trending on TikTok, with the season’s juiciest vegetable (er, technically a fruit) providing the color palette for summer’s last hurrah. 

The names of tomato varietals are enough to inspire sartorial choices. Early Girl, Brandy Boy, Beefsteak, Tigerella, Campari, Heirloom, and Oxheart, are just a few. And, this trend is flexible enough to make it work no matter what your personal taste. 

How to Dress Like a Tomato Girl

The idea behind tomato girl summer originated from Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hot Girl Summer” trademark, a trend that started in 2019. Teen Vogue reports that tomato girl summer is inspired by “the Mediterranean coast or anywhere where tomato-based dishes are popular. Think Amalfi Gardens, Santorini beaches, and Barcelona streets.” 

That’s certainly one popular interpretation of the trend. Others have leaned into the less polished version of being a tomato girl. Kady Ruth Ashcroft, a writer at Jezebel, says: “I want you to imagine wearing these items and accessories on your sticky sweaty body, cooling off in front of your fan, or eating leftover BBQ chicken hovering above the kitchen sink.” 

Just as tomatoes can be used in dozens of ways (sauces, salads, pastas and pizza), dressing like a tomato girl is very open-ended. No matter what your interpretation, this trend is a fun way to embrace the late-summer, early-fall color palette. 

Capture the Tomato Girl Aesthetic

What are some basics of dressing in the tomato girl aesthetic?

First, the color palette: as the name suggests, red should center your tomato girl looks. Bright, orange-y reds pair well with neutrals, green, and marigold yellows. Style experts recommend opting for beachy blues or gold and copper accents when considering your accessories. 

As for silhouettes, think “coastal grandma” with a Gen Z twist. 

“You’ll want to call on the classics to achieve a true tomato girl look—naturally, Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci are figures who first come to mind,” wrote Brydie. “For tops, you can opt for shirts with ruffled sleeves and a fitted bodice, and for skirts and dresses, grab something that hugs the hips with a flare at the hem. If skirts aren’t your vibe, you can opt for Bermuda shorts or bootcut pants.” 

The best part: this color palette and style options will easily flow into autumn. Tomato girl styles can easily layer and pair well with the browns and darker greens of October when the leaves start changing. A tomato girl aesthetic now makes the perfect pumpkin spice aesthetic later! 


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