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I Tried a Viral Multivitamin and Noticed 3 Powerful Benefits

A few months ago, I was doing intense research into vitamin supplements and health hacks. Harsh winter weather was stripping my skin, leaving me with dry patches and a severely dehydrated complexion. Top top it all off, my stress was getting to me so badly that I experienced uncharacteristic hair loss. I was taking biotin, rotating through multiple types of gummy vitamins and probiotics, and trying to eat a protein-heavy diet.

That’s when I came across Mary Ruth’s Organics Liquid Multivitamin. As I started vocalizing my symptoms and realizing I was nutrient deficient in many ways, this supplement started to pop up on my social media feeds. And yes, it does live up to the hype.


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More Energy

As someone who relies on early-morning caffeine to get up and running, I have actually found more often than not that I don’t need my morning coffee anymore. On days when I take my multivitamin, I find myself caffeinating less and my productivity has improved. Also, when I stay on a routine with Mary Ruth’s, I wake up with less brain fog.

Better Skin and Hair

My hair loss and dry skin problems were drastically reduced with a regular multivitamin routine. In fact, my bald patch started to grow back fuller and without any grays in it. My nails are thick and strong, much like when I take a regular biotin supplement. There are noted improvements in the growth of my hair and the texture and clarity of my skin.

Less Gray Hair

While I believe gray hair is beautiful, not everyone wants to live with their natural roots. Several ads for the multivitamin promised the reversal of graying hair. I can’t speak to other people’s experiences, but I can say that I didn’t expect much when taking the supplement. But now, when I examine my roots, I don’t see as much silver as I did just a few months ago.

How I Take It

Because this supplement is made of whole, organic ingredients, your body might have to get used to it. I chose to take 1/4 serving the first 3 days, and 1/2 serving the next 4 days. If your body responds well to smaller serving sizes, then you can test more and work your way up to the recommended serving. You should check with your doctor before taking any supplement, of course — this is just my personal experience.

As for taste, the liquid has a yummy raspberry flavor that can be sipped by itself. You can add it to tea, spritz, or orange juice with some fresh berries or even pour it into protein smoothies and desserts.

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