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Supercharge Your Workouts and Boost Your Health With Beetroot Gummies – Here’s How

Beet — also known as beetroots – are a root vegetable that has been cultivated for thousands of years. And while those same roots are loved in arugula salads, their medicinal and nutritional properties shouldn’t be ignored either: they’re packed with the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants you need.

Now, due to its ever-growing popularity among health gurus, TikTok influencers, and fitness lovers alike, beetroot has become a common ingredient in supplements and snacks, including beetroot gummies – which I took every day for three weeks to see how I felt.

Why Is Beetroot All The Rage?

Beetroot isn’t just a word health gurus throw around for nothing — it’s a known, rich source of dietary nitrates, a compound converted into nitric oxide in one’s body after consumption, which helps to dilate blood vessels, increases blood flow and reduces blood pressure. As a major player in making blood move through the body, it’s also the main component of cardiovascular activity, like exercise.

1. It can help your athletic performance

Do you want to improve your athletic performance in a healthy, sustainable way? According to several studies, it has been found that beetroot juice can increase endurance and reduce the oxygen cost of exercise. The nitric oxide produced from the nitrates in beetroot increases blood flow to the muscles and reduces fatigue.

2. It can potentially lower blood pressure

Another potential benefit of beetroot is a big one: it might help lower your blood pressure. A 2022 meta-analysis of 22 studies found that consuming beetroot juice reduced systolic blood pressure by an average of 3.55 points (or mmHg, for the more medically inclined). This effect is thought to be due to the nitric oxide produced from the nitrates in beetroot, which relaxes blood vessels and reduces resistance to blood flow.

“Research has proven that a daily inorganic nitrate dose can be as effective as medical intervention in reducing blood pressure,” Professor Amrita Ahluwalia, the lead author of another 2015 study, told Queen Mary University of London. ” The best part is we can get it from beetroot and other leafy green vegetables.”

3. It can improve your overall health and well-being

Lastly, beetroot might additionally benefit your cognitive function, have anti-inflammatory compounds and even anti-cancer properties. In a 2017 study, it was found that consuming beetroot juice does improve cognitive function – particularly in areas related to attention and memory. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer compounds such as betanin, betaine, and anthocyanins. Scientists believe that beetroot could help conditions such as arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and more.

The Power of Beetroot Gummies — According To My Experience

Due to the rising popularity and likely benefits, beetroot supplements are now available in various forms: gummies, capsules and powders. They come in pure concentrated beetroot juice but you can also purchase it in a mix of other supplements.

I decided to try out the Havasu Nutrition gummies, which included pomegranate and grape seed for an increased energy boost and seemed tasty. The brand also has 500 mg of beetroot powder available, which is the amount participants in the 2017 study took to improve their cognitive functioning.


Thank you @Havasu Nutrition 💜

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To see if I noticed any differences in my workouts, I took the supplements half an hour before heading to the gym. While it might be psychosomatic, I did notice a slight difference in my stamina and even my cardiovascular ability after a couple of weeks of daily use.

I am just one user, but according to some Amazon reviewers, this brand of gummies has also helped to lower others’ blood pressure readings. I don’t have high blood pressure in the first place, so I can’t speak to that effect, but if it’s true, that is a huge reason to continue taking beetroot. Overall, I will definitely continue to take beetroot gummies – even if just because they’re so delicious.

As always with any dietary supplement, it’s important to consult with your doctor beforehand.

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