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A Short History of Brittany Broski, The Internet’s Funniest Personality

Internet personality Brittany Broski has had a wild few years – and she’s done more than just drink kombucha. Even if you only know “kombucha girl” for her memes, there’s a lot more to this comedy queen than meets the eye.

And though her remarkable rise to stardom began with a batch of yeasty tea, her bizarre antics have made her one of the most popular internet celebrities to date. This is a brief history of Brittany, below.

Brittany Broski’s Humble Beginnings

Before her internet fame, Brittany Tomlinson worked at a bank in Texas specializing in trust and investment services. That was until August 2019, when she uploaded a video of herself under the screen name “brittany_broski,” where she tried kombucha (a fermented drink known to boost gut health). Her disgust, shock, pleasure, and pain were immediately beloved by all who viewed the video, and before long, she had transformed into a meme.

Tomlinson didn’t take to fame well at first. When her boss at the bank saw the videos, she was fired for the snowball effect that her video had – comments and memes that she couldn’t control. First, she was crushed. But just one week after she was fired, a kombucha company flew her to Los Angeles, where she met with a management team who had already set her up with brand deals, press, and meetings with social media representatives.

Once she realized that she was making more money from her online content than she had in her life, her path was clear: her next step was a move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in online content creation.

Broski’s Rise To Fame

After Tomlinson signed to United Talent Agency, her career took off. She was featured on the YouTube reality TV show The Reality House, nominated for a Streamy Award in Comedy and has become a TikTok ambassador, hosting New Year’s Eve parties and podcasts galore. Tomlinson even appeared in a Sabra hummus commercial during the biggest NFL football event of the year, making the faces in her classic kombucha video.

She also has befriended celebrities like drag queen Trixie Mattel, rapper Post Malone, and more. Between her Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube pages, she has provided plenty of content both traditional and abstract: like her ‘What’s in My Purse’ video and Rick & Morty on The Squatty Potty.

Why Broski?

Tomlinson’s oddball sense of humor was the thing that attracted meme-lovers to her, and it’s what keeps her 7.1 million TikTok followers coming back day after day. She loves doing impressions (her favorites being various southern accents and British characters), showing off her spacious forehead, and posting about her daily activities.

Wearing her usual pink mumu, she provides you with POVs of bizarre scenarios with particular filters, extreme closeups of tears, laughter, and panic, along with reactions to other viral videos. She’s also obsessed with celebrities; between Austin Butler and Rosalia, she’s dedicated content to dozens of trendsetters.

She also recently met Harry Styles, for whom she has several tattoos – a video that reached 5.4 million views.



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At the end of the day, viewers love Brittany Broski because she’s just like us – vulnerable, funny, and irreverent. Her positive attitude and authenticity make her feel like everyone’s friend, hype man, and comic relief. While the kombucha video may have started her journey into the spotlight, her star will shine bright for a long time.

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