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Whipped Brie is Upsetting Cheese Purists

Remember the butter board? It has a new cousin called whipped brie. The half-butter-half-brie concoction begs you to dip a fresh baguette. But not everyone is enthusiastic about it. Some cheese industry professionals and connoisseurs are infuriated. Here’s what you need to know about the latest FoodTok trend. 

How to Make the Perfect Whipped Brie 

First, you may be wondering what the recipe entails. Perhaps you’re already on board and want to wow your friends with a TikTok-inspired snack. Start by getting your hands on some brie cheese. How much cheese? It is subjective depending on how much dip you want to make. 

TikToker @justataste used three wheels of brie to make her dip, prompting one commenter to say, “Did you mortgage your house for that appetizer?” If you want to cut costs, you can use a smaller amount of brie if you use an equal amount of butter. The half-half ratio is key. 

You’ll want to let both ingredients soften at room temperature before whipping them. Then, remove the rind from the cheese, use a hand blender to combine it with the butter, and reach the creamy, whipped consistency of your dreams. Have fun with toppings – honey or fig chutney are great ones. And there you have it: a non-boring, unique spread that perfectly complements your favorite white wine. 

Why Whipped Brie Is Upsetting Cheesemakers 

While whipped brie is garnering lots of attention on TikTok, not everybody is on board with the viral food trend. It involves removing the rind from the cheese, which upsets some cheesemakers and cheese purists. “Most of the content creators driving these new trends have no idea what they’re doing or what kind of cheese they’re even serving,” said Emma Harvey, cheese buyer at City Market South End in Burlington, VT, in an AllRecipes interview. “I think back to the ‘whipped burrata’ craze over the summer, and my blood boils.”

As she puts it, the rind offers unique flavors and notes that differ from the rest of the cheese. A lot of craftsmanship goes into making it: “So please, as a monger, I beg you, don’t just throw the rind away. Some cheeses are great for doctoring up and transforming into new recipes (fondue, queso, whipped honey chèvre or ricotta), but some cheeses just need to be left alone and served with the respect they deserve.” 

In other words, proceed with caution if you’re hosting cheese snobs. Otherwise, have fun breaking the rules. 

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