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Caviar + Doritos = TikTok Taste Sensation

“Caviar wishes and champagne dreams” isn’t just a phrase from “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” – it’s a reality for anybody on TikTok, where caviar has become hugely popular especially when served with Doritos.

Yes, you read that correctly. The famously expensive, salty fish eggs (caviar) served on zesty Doritos were popularized by TikToker @dzaslavy, whose family runs Markys Caviar.


Celebrating 200k with @Doritos & @markyscaviar 🫶🏼 #caviar #markyscaviar

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A little creme fraiche completes the savory, salty, crunchy bite.

Other social media foodies who have tried and approved of the caviar and Dorito combo say it’s a flavor explosion that delivers the exact right blend of flavors, textures, and high/low sensibility.

Conventional ways to eat caviar include blini, which are little pancakes, or melba toast. However, nobody has ever turned down a potato chip topped with the good stuff.

Doritos + Caviar: Bodega-Chic

Make no mistake: This is not a cheap snack to serve a crew of teenage kids after a basketball game.

Caviar can range from over $800 for premium sturgeon fish eggs to much more palatable prices for paddlefish or hackleback roe. Don’t forget the mother of pearl (or at least non-metallic) spoon to serve the caviar, so the roe doesn’t take on a metallic taste.

Though the trend is fairly decried as extremely expensive, when there’s a will, there’s a way.

If you’re here for the taste but not the price tag, try more economically priced salmon, or flying fish roe that is popular in Eastern European and Japanese cultures.


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