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Are These Infinite Earrings The New Body Jewelry Trend? 

Minimalism has been a topic of great discussion over the last decade. But at the root of that conversation has been self-discovery. Identifying what brings you joy, and cutting out obstacles to experiencing that joy, is something you should absolutely focus on in your life. 

The same goes for your wardrobe.

Endless/Permanent Jewelry Is a New Fan Favorite

Take last year’s hot new jewelry trend, endless jewelry. Imagine a licensed professional effortlessly welding you into the bracelets, necklaces, chains, and charms you choose. This way, there is no uncomfortable clasp, and you never have to remove your high-quality item. Independent entrepreneurs and jewelers have started getting certified in this area, bringing minimalist chains and sweet gifts to the arms and necks of thousands.

Introducing: Infinite Earrings

People have been searching for easy, comfortable earring options that they wouldn’t mind falling asleep in for absolute decades. Now, endless jewelry is being brought to the earlobes and cartilage of people everywhere. Wisconsin-based jeweler Hello Adorn sells Tiny Twist infinite earrings. These earrings provide the illusion that you have a double piercing with each earring. They come in two sizes – 8mm and 6mm – to go along with your earlobe size and placement of your piercing. Plus, they are made of quality material, with 14kt gold fill, sterling silver, and 14kt rose gold fill options. 

These beautiful earrings fit minimalism guidelines and go with your favorite essential jewelry items. They’re budget-friendly and often one of the top sellers in the Hello Adorn shop. I have owned and worn them for over two years now, and I am constantly getting compliments on their simplicity but beauty. Plus, they are comfy and allow me to be low maintenance. Win, win, win!

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