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How TikTok’s ‘Shy Girl Workouts’ Can Help Alleviate Your Gym Anxiety

Shy girls want to get fit too. Thanks to the “shy girl workouts” wellness TikTok trend, they can overcome their gym anxiety and do just that. Wondering what’s a shy girl workout? It’s all about simple moves that you can perform in a single area of the gym to build more confidence until you feel brave enough to face a squat rack. 

“A busy gym can especially feel scary for beginners or those who struggle with social anxiety because they might feel like they will look out of place, be judged for their body, or people will know that they are a beginner,” says Katie Pierson, Certified Spinning Instructor and contributor at “This can affect female beginners at a higher percentage rate when the general clientele of the gym is male. This type of space is more intimidating, especially on the weight floor.” 

Not to mention the intimidating preconceptions that people may have about the gym or gym-goers. “People with no or minimal gym experience may have this misconception that everyone who goes to the gym is either an athlete (therefore strong and muscular) or a supermodel (therefore thin). And if they don’t belong to one of these groups, then they’ll be stared at, pointed at or laughed at, which couldn’t be further from the truth,” adds fitness expert and influencer Brenda Raftlova

Why The ‘Shy Girl Workout’ Trend Is Going Viral 

Some viral TikTok trends are silly yet entertaining. The fact that shy girl workouts are going viral reveals something deeper though. “I think it’s the story behind it — that there are millions of people out there, especially women, who feel intimidated by the gym and have no clue on how to navigate a workout,” says Raftlova. 

Pierson agrees: “I think these videos resonate so much with users because many people would like to start working out, but feel embarrassed because they do not know where to start.” And since the workouts are easy to follow, it gives people the motivation to begin their fitness journey. 

The Benefits Of ‘Shy Girl Workouts’ 

Shy girl workouts are not just a wellness fad – there are plenty of benefits to embracing them. They can help boost your confidence and increase your likelihood of sticking to your workout plan in the long run. 

“Minimal equipment is required. Moreover, the workouts can be completed in a small space and the moves are simple. Together, these workout aspects make people feel like the workouts are attainable.The feeling of accomplishment helps to fuel their confidence and keeps them coming back for more,” says Pierson. “The shy girl workout gives beginners all the tools they need, so they can walk into the gym, an intimidating environment, with complete confidence and ease,” adds Raftlova.  

Tips To Make The Most Of ‘Shy Girl Workouts’ 

If you want to try those handy workouts, just open your TikTo account and look for the hashtag #shygirlworkouts. “Scroll through the hashtag to find a variety of simple exercises for every muscle group, including your arms, back, abs, legs and butt. Then, add these exercises to your routine and continue performing them until you get more comfortable and confident,” recommends Raftlova. 

The most important thing to keep in mind is to avoid getting overwhelmed – that would defeat the purpose. “I would recommend choosing a few videos to start with and mastering those before selecting new ones,” says Pierson. She also suggests watching the videos at home to get familiar with the workouts before trying them at the gym. And stick to repeating the same videos for a couple of weeks. “Using the same videos for a couple of weeks will help build their confidence and help them develop a training routine for their body,” she says. 

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