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Follow These 8 Body Positivity TikTokers For An Instant Boost Of Self-Love

Let’s face it. Social media can make you feel terrible about yourself. But the opposite is also true. Body Positivity TikTokers are doing the real work — there are people creating positive and inclusive online spaces, including on TikTok.

A 2017 study revealed that social media is an avenue for engaging in “maladaptive body comparison.” Simply, this means tearing yourself down for not looking like an Instagram bikini model. And that was before the rise of picture-perfect viral choreographies on TikTok.

Since the content you consume has a huge impact on your body image – an FHE health survey showed that social media was the top influencing factor for women’s self-image and the second most important factor for men, following body-positive influencers can provide an instant boost of self-love.

Start with the TikTokers below and flood your feed with feel-good videos that will inspire you to love and accept yourself in all your glory.

The body positivity TikTokers you need on your feed

1. @thekatrinanichole

Need fitness inspo minus the toxicity? You can count on plus-size model Katrina Nichole to serve you dance and workout videos where she unapologetically loves her body and all it can do. She will inspire you to stop waiting to look a certain way until you allow yourself to do certain things (and to have fun in the process!)

2. @roseybeeme

If you want your body positivity TikTokers to come with a side of fashion and pop culture, look no further than Rosey Beeme’s TikTok account. Whether she’s highlighting plus-size style finds on a budget or poking fun at movie depictions of heavier people, she’ll have you go from watching one video to binge-watching her content for an hour.

3. @britannilancaster

Britanni Lancaster has experienced the devastation of eating disorders first-hand. Now she is on a mission to combat the negative effects of diet culture and help you live a balanced lifestyle. From sharing “what I eat in a day” posts to reminding you that the only requirement to wearing a bikini is putting a bathing suit on, Lancaster blends practical advice with personal storytelling to encourage you to prioritize your wellbeing over your weight.


I don’t see a number… the greatest gift

♬ original sound – Brittani Lancaster

4. @brianbatesy

Men need body positivity too – and Brian Batesy delivers a dose of that on his TikTok account. He’s here to remind you that no, you don’t need six-pack abs to feel attractive and that you can be shirtless in public and have fun exactly as you are (he’ll make you want to do just that.)

5. @nabela

Nabela Noor calls her TikTok account her “gratitude journal.” Considering that she has over seven million followers, it’s safe to say that the positive impact of her energy extends beyond her own life. You’ll feel instantly more peaceful, present and content when scrolling through her feed, which is a recipe for increased self-love and body acceptance.


loving the skin i’m in – stretch marks, cellulite and all – without apology. join me. 🤍 #selflove

♬ What a time by Niall Horan and Julia Michaels – ana.tpwk

6. @sarahtoddhammer

20-year-old Sarah Todd Hammer has arm and hand paralysis. “When I first became disabled at 8 years old, I dealt with a lot of internalized ableism,” she shares in one of her videos. “I thought my disability was something to overcome and hide.” And that’s exactly why her account is so powerful. She now proudly embraces her identity as a disabled person, and her content will help you on your own self-acceptance journey.

7. @unleash_the_goddess

Natalia Dunne is a self-love coach and boudoir photographer. What do these two things have in common? Showing you that all bodies are worth being celebrated. From calling out unrealistic video filters and ageism to sharing behind-the-scenes snapshots of her photoshoots, Dunne will help you tap into your inner goddess regardless of your age, gender or body shape.

8. @ambardriscoll

As an influencer and model, Ambar Driscoll is well aware of the dangerous messages that can propagate on social media. And she’s here to counteract them, one TikTok video at a time. Sometimes she shows her unedited tummy to remind you that what you see in a perfectly captured and edited post is not real life. Other times, she asks you to stop glamorizing the idea of not eating. Either way, she’s an influencer you’ll feel good about following.


just a reminder that you don’t need to look a certain way to be beautiful ♥️ your body does amazing things for you! #fyp #bodypositive

♬ Surrender – Natalie Taylor

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