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TikTok’s Ancestors Trend Puts Modern Problems into Perspective

Have you ever looked around at the comforts of modern living – your air conditioner, refrigerator, television, and tiny egg cooker – and wondered what your ancestors would think if they were alive today? Creative TikTokers are imagining what past generations would think of modern life with the Ancestors trend, a sweet reminder of our shared humanity.

Making Progress

Some TikTokers make funny content about their ancestors, but other videos can have a more serious edge. Many women behind these videos have reflected on progress around gender equality, including videos around educationpersonal freedoms, and reproductive rights.


I had to jump on this trend. I come from a Moroccan family and they are traditional. Though the women have always been strong, independent women, there’s still a part of the older generations culture that feels women needed permission from a man. #ancestors #morocco🇲🇦 #moroccangirl #moroccan #cultureshock #womensrights #richmom #trend #womensempowerment

♬ original sound – 🌊🏄🏼‍♀️🤙🏼

On a lighter note, those of us embarrassed about a bit of winter weight have our ancestors looking down, proud that we’ll be able to survive the winter.


Remake of @screamingcryinghistory’s video. 🥹 Put a little jig in it though. #irish #DanceWithTurboTax #irishjig #ancestors

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Other ancestors, though, would probably be more confused than they are proud – especially when confronted with modern womanhood. Present-day procedures like injecting botox for aesthetic purposes would be a big surprise.


What a time to be alive! #ancestors @lejeuneaestheticcenters @greenvillebeautynurse

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We often forget that something as simple as putting on red lipstick was seen as a sign of impropriety a couple of hundred years ago.

Believe it or not, even dogs aren’t exempt from this trend. Dogs of yesteryear had household responsibilities, especially if they lived on farms. However, our adorable, spoiled, and pampered dogs never need to lift a finger. 

Doing What Your Ancestors Wouldn’t

Other videos are less about the idea of ancestors and more about the literal ancestors of some content creators. @ListenWithBritt was packing for a cruise when her ancestors told her they were taking a similar vacation on a little ship called the Titanic.

Unfortunately for creators with Puritan or Christian roots, their ancestors wouldn’t be so pleased with some of their seemingly wild behavior. Consequently, modern TikTokers imagining that they would be labeled as a witch is all too common. Whether you’re putting on makeup, charging your crystals, or reading any book other than the bible, some ancestors just can’t get with the times.

What Stays The Same

Some ancestors make it known that no matter what, culture stays the same throughout the ages. Below, @costumingcaroline reminds us that the concept of taking selfies has existed since the invention of cameras.

If you want more of the Ancestors trend, you can follow the trending sound on TikTok here.

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