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This Adorable Egg Cooker Will Change Your Breakfast Game

Boiling an egg is weirdly difficult. No matter how much internet advice you get or how many articles you read, chefs can make it seem like rocket science. But what about if your egg needs are more immediate – and require simplicity? What if you find yourself “drunk at 2 AM but really craving a hard-boiled egg?” asks Amazon reviewer Jason. “How about six of them?” 

What’s an egg cooker?

There are a few different brands of egg cookers, but the only one I can speak for is the DASH Egg Cooker. I know for a fact that this adorable little machine is just what you’ve been looking for to fill all of your egg needs (if you have a lot of egg needs). Whether you want eggs hard-boiled, poached, soft-boiled, scrambled, or mashed up in a delicious omelet, you’ll enjoy this tiny thing. The egg cooker itself comes with a poaching tray, an omelet tray, and a boiling tray. And best of all, when your eggs are finished, it plays a wholesome melody.

If this egg cooker seems familiar, that’s because it’s already gone viral on TikTok. With health and wellness trends at the forefront of everyone’s For You Page, you probably already know that eggs are low in caloric density but high in protein and vitamin D. On TikTok, health nuts and egg fanatics alike will show you how to pair your poached egg with some avocado toast or craft a cheesy, delicious omelet. Again, the DASH Egg Cooker has dominated social media for the most part. Still, there are other egg cookers you can try if you’re not a fan of the size or shape of any of the inserts.

Why do I need it?

I know what you’re thinking. Do I really need an egg cooker? It’s going to take up space in my kitchen, and how often am I actually going to use it? Believe me – there’s no counterargument I haven’t already tried against my mom, a lover of egg-centric contraptions who bought me a DASH despite my many protestations. I was a skeptic, I admit it. But I was wrong, and here’s why.

It’s cheap

This isn’t to say that you should buy something just because it’s inexpensive, but it’s not exactly like it’s going to financially ruin your household. Seriously, it’s no more than $20 on Amazon. Even DASH’s competitors, like BELLAElite Gourmet, and Hamilton Beach, aren’t going to break the bank. Even if you want an egg cooker that can accommodate a dozen eggs, rest assured that it’s also quite affordable.

It’s small

Even if you’re trying to cut down on clutter, this egg cooker is smaller than a toaster and shorter than, well, a toaster. It’s compact enough to shove in a small cabinet or keep on the kitchen counter without too much of a hassle. You can also get it in whatever color would match your current kitchen décor.

It’s easy

Gone are the days when boiling an egg was a long and harrowing procedure filled with dirtying pots, waiting for water to boil, and burning omelets. I hesitate to recommend libation-fueled egg cooking like Amazon review Jason suggests, but if you’re going to do it, having a device like this is the way to go. You just measure the water (dependent on how firm you want your eggs to be), dump it in along with your eggs of choice, turn it on, and wait for the timer to go off.

DASH Rapid Egg Cooker: 6 Egg Capacity
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11/25/2023 12:58 am GMT

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