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Are Ombré Eyebrows Better Than Microblading? A Brow Expert Weighs In

First, there was ombré hair. Now, there are ombré brows – a beauty trend that will take your eyebrow game to the next level. If you’re considering microblading, you may want to consider ombré eyebrows instead. Here’s why. 

What Are Ombré Eyebrows? 

The term refers to a styling technique that gives your brows a soft, powdered-in look. “It is a semi-permanent procedure that gives a soft-shaded brow pencil look to your eyebrows,” says makeup artist and eyebrow expert Masha Glow. The result? Fuller, more defined, and dramatic eyebrows that still look natural and can stay that way for a few years (you will need touch-ups). 

According to Glow, one of the benefits of the ombré eyebrow trend is ditching brow makeup – hello, shorter morning routine. This is game-changing if you have sparse eyebrows and always need to fill them in. You’ll also feel the boost of confidence from having eyebrows with proportions that beautifully frame your eyes and features. 

Just like with any beauty trend, there are potential cons to remember. The procedure is semi-permanent, so you’d need laser treatments to remove it. Glow also says that the pigment used can change over time and become either gray or red, so you will most likely need yearly touch-ups. You’ll also want to beware of getting a super trendy eyebrow shape. “Trends do change,” as Glow puts it. In other words, it is a longer-term commitment. 

Ombré Eyebrows VS Microblading 

You may wonder what the difference is between ombré eyebrows and microblading since both are semi-permanent approaches, and microblading has been all the rage for a few years. It’s all in the technique, says Glow: “Microblading is a technique that makes small cuts with a pigment in the skin and gives the effect of individual eyebrow hair. The ombré is a ‘powder’ technique that involves applying tiny dots that give you full eyebrows, just like a regular brow pencil does.” 

If you want to get permanent makeup on your eyebrows, she recommends ombré brows over microblading. “Although microblading looks great in the beginning, it does leave permanent scars on your skin,” adds Glow. “Also, with time, hair strokes become thicker, just like any other tattoo would.” 

Should You Get Ombré Brows? 

So, should you get ombré brows? If you don’t have enough natural eyebrow hair, want to permanently change your eyebrow shape, or desire to make your makeup routine easier, go for it. You may want to skip the trend if you have naturally full eyebrows. 

“If you want to try it but have a good amount of eyebrow hair and not really too many problems with the shape, I would say, skip it – just the eyebrow pencil and gel will work just perfect for you,” says Glow. 

Remember that choosing the right makeup artist is vital. Eyebrows are an essential feature, and it is a procedure with long-term consequences. “Ask them to send you examples of their work a year after the procedure. It will give you an idea of what your eyebrows will look like, and also you will see if the artist uses high-quality pigment, which is extremely important,” recommends Glow. 

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