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Rug Art Influencers are Sweeping TikTok

The hashtags #knit and #crochet currently have over 280 million views on TikTok, pointing toward an exploding home decor trend: rug art. As one headline notes, “The Internet’s Really Into Funky Rugs.”

What’s Rug Art?

Rug art is about making rugs that are not only practical but also visually artistic. Transforming a rug into a canvas can be a fun way to express your creativity and decorate your home. Whether you’re into traditional or modern looks, there’s a lot of room for experimentation and personalization.

Below, TikToker @lala.touffe shows the process of making a DIY rug.

There are different ways to create rug art, from hooking by hand to using an electric tufting gun. While crocheting may have introduced many viewers to the rug art world, the tufting gun keeps them watching. 

“[The] technique that’s gone viral involves a specialized heavy-duty ‘gun’ that shoots a needle up to 45 times a second into fabric, enabling you to make plush, tactile patterns, all by pulling a trigger,” reported Curbed

Rise of the Rug Art Influencer

TikTok has proven to be the ideal platform for promoting rug art. The TikTok account @tufttheworld is at the center of the tufting trend. This account posts dozens of videos demonstrating how to use the gun and tips and design recommendations for novice rug artists. Tim Eads, the founder of @tufttheworld, is widely considered the “godfather of DIY tufting.” 


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There are dozens of accounts by well-established fiber artists, interior designers, and entrepreneurs who are riding this wave. Vice reports that many of these accounts are owned by non-traditional users: “The recent movement has also broken free of historical stereotypes that tufting, embroidery, and needlepoint are exclusively done by women.” 

Some of these users have even started selling their finished products. Claire Molenda, Bibi Fuentes, and Kris Olynyk are just a few creators that have transformed their rug art into business ventures. Other brands are catching on to the funky rug trend with pop art-inspired designs that add a playful twist to any space.

Want to support the trend? Explore options like Ugly Rugly, Cold Picnic, and other creators on Etsy for unique art finds.  

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