These 8 TikTokers Will Make You Miss Y2K

Here’s some good news if you miss the days of flip phones, acrylic nails, and curled baby bangs. Handfuls of TikTokers are revisiting the early 2000’s to honor (and roast) the culture and style. Below, influencers relive the sights, sounds, and tastes of an era when Paris Hilton was the tabloid queen and MySpace was her kingdom.

Even if you were a bit cringe in your teen years, there’s still room to appreciate the fuzzy pink low-rise ashes from which you rose.


The most notorious of all early 2000s parody accounts is Isabel, who essentially began the trend. Whether she’s acting like that girl we all knew in high school, showing off her thousand-layered camisoles, or clipping in extensions that don’t blend, Y2K babies will relate to these videos.


TikTok user @teabby tells viewers that she’s “essentially living in her own 2000s chick flick” – and she’s not wrong. With over 800,000 followers and 36 million likes, this influencer takes styling 2000s looks to the next level by thrifting Juicy tracksuits and Playboy bunny crop tops. She also gives hair tutorials and sells the clothes she no longer wears.


Samantha is another TikToker who lives and breathes 2002, from her aesthetic to her lifestyle. With a room adorned with old Pop Star! Magazines and eclectic furniture, this account is basically like following Sharpay Edwards. Along with the eye candy, she’ll teach you how to dress like Lizzy McGuire, Elle Woods, and more.


With picture day videos, Valentine’s Day parodies, and thrift hauls, Michaila is another influencer who knows how to wear low-rise jeans. Her iconic and unironic love of the early 2000s results in adorable outfits and shopping tips with a body-positive twist. She also does makeup tutorials and unboxing videos.


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While style icons are one big part of the early 2000s, it’s important to remember the history of this illustrious epoch and the struggles that 90s kids had to go through. Whether we were in AOL chat rooms, cutting our own bangs, or visiting Spencer’s for the first time, there was hardly a dull moment. And Erin Miller will relive it all with you, laughing the whole time.


This TikTok account reposts nostalgic Disney Channel and Nickelodeon clips from shows like Kim Possible, That’s So Raven, The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, and Wizards of Waverly Place. There are even some Lazytown clips for those too young for iCarly or Zoey 101.


Another thrifting queen, Angelina, loves to scour the darkest corners of the thrift shop for the cutest Y2K fashion choices. But unlike other influencers who simply show off their outfits, Angelina brings her fans along on thrifting trips to Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Value Village.


With beautiful features and chunky highlights, there’s no doubt that Bridget Des Grange is bringing back the 2000s. She reads her diary from 2006, shows off her vintage shopping wins, and styles a dress over jeans, all while flawlessly rocking fuzzy robes and tube tops. Her videos are creative and contemporary while also staying true to her brand.


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