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Eva Joan Repair is a Candy Shop for Clothing

Eva Joan Repair is on a mission to mend, not end, your favorite wardrobe items.

In an era of fast fashion, consumers often discard their clothing after a few wears. EJR offers a creative approach to preserving and reimagining old garments. The shop’s goal is to reduce waste and promote sustainability by repairing and revitalizing clothing that would otherwise be thrown away.

Gimme stopped by their colorful shop, based in New York City’s trendy West Village. We spoke with co-founders Bjorn Eva Park and Emma Villeneuve about their creative inspiration, passion for sustainability, and business partnership.

We are a true mending shop. The goal is to reinvent the things you own in a way that will prolong its life, ideally forever.

Eva Joan Repair is located at 28 Jane Street in Manhattan.

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