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8 Anticipated Black Friday Sales You Won’t Want To Miss

You’re used to big box stores like Amazon and Walmart having incredible Black Friday deals, but this year, shopping from the same industry titans is starting to feel a bit stale. You’re looking for other options – ones that are more practical and affordable for a young adult on a budget. So check out these anticipated Black Friday sales, and start planning your shopping spree early this year.

1. Bloomingdale’s

Bloomie’s isn’t exactly a tiny store, but it’s an iconic New York staple with a huge online presence – and who doesn’t want to dress like a fashionable New Yorker? As Bloomingdale’s is now owned by Macy’s, you can anticipate that they’ll have some of the same exceptional Black Friday sales. However, they do still carry some boutique New York brands. There are even a few deals up now as they rev up to the holiday season.

2. Baggu

Those who loved cloth masks during COVID already know about this exceptional brand that makes both beautiful and practical garments to keep you healthy. However, Baggu also has amazing nylon bags, pouches, socks, the cutest little lunch boxes, and laptop bags. Last year’s Black Friday sale included 15% off sitewide savings, 25% off orders of $50 and over, and 30% off orders of $100 and over.

3. Nola Skin Essentials

This vegan and cruelty-free brand is a hidden gem in the skincare market known among loyal customers for its price-friendly try-me sizes and delicious-smelling pumpkin enzyme mask. Last Black Friday, they offered 30% off $50 in purchases, 25% off all bundles, and free stuff when your order reaches $100 or more. They also have sales somewhat often, so don’t be afraid to tap into their mailing list.

4. Juneshine

Kombucha lovers, rejoice – Juneshine is bound to have a Black Friday sale. This small business sells both hard kombucha for those over 21 and regular soft kombucha for those younger. Last year, they offered up to 20% off throughout the entire website, including their 24-pack that allows you to sample every flavor.

5. FashionNova

No Black Friday sale list would be complete without FashionNova, an icon of trendiness that Instagram models from here to Madagascar covet for sponsorships. Known for teeny tiny dresses, comfy sweaters, and excellent accessories at an affordable price, FashionNova is a staple for the modern young adult. Their sales are legendary, whether it’s Black Friday or not – so you should anticipate 90% off sales, buy-one-get-ones, and much, much more.

6. LensDirect

If you’re looking for a more practical Black Friday sale, check out LensDirect, a family-owned company that sells eyewear. Last year, they offered up to 50% off eyewear, lens replacement for existing glasses, and sunglasses. They also offer contact lenses and colored contacts to change up your look. 

7. iRobot 

If there’s one thing that makes everyone’s life easier, it’s a vacuum that does all the heavy lifting for you – so why not take advantage of a Black Friday deal from iRobot? Last year, customers got up to $600 off various robot vacuums with WiFi, voice activation technology, and smart maps that learn the layout of your home. 

8. Priceline

Believe it or not, you won’t just get deals on goods during Black Friday. You’ll also get a ton of bang for your buck if you’re looking to travel. Sometimes Groupon has excellent sales on package deals for all-inclusive vacations, as does Airbnb. But last year, Priceline offered $60 to VIP members towards any car, hotel, or flight in an early access sale. So keep an eye out because they might have something similar this year now that many are back to traveling.

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