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Spotify’s New ‘Friends Mix’ Gives Everyone the Aux Cord

Going on a road trip, pool party, or hanging out at home with friends – and no one can agree on the music? In honor of International Friend Day, Spotify unleashed a new tool that will save your squad from bickering over tunes: The Friends Mix.

The Friends Mix calculates what’s trending among your friend group and recommends songs to you based on not only their favorites but yours as well.

What is the Spotify friends mix?

The Spotify Friends Mix is a way to explore your friends’ musical interests. While the Blend playlists are hand-picked by Spotify based upon what’s already in everyone’s libraries, you and your friends, the Friends Mix is full of new material. Using all of the friends you’ve made Blend playlists with, you’ll get one huge mega-mix full of songs all of your friends would love to show you. And even if you have Blend mixes among all of the friends in your friend group, everyone’s Friends Mix is different, as each playlist is an amalgamated mix of all songs catered to your musical taste,

The Spotify Friends Mix is available to free users and those with a premium Spotify membership. You can get a Friends Mix on your iOS device (Mac or iPhone) or on the desktop app. Unfortunately, if you’re an Android user, you’re out of luck as this feature isn’t available for you (but hopefully it will be one day).

Pass everyone the aux cord and get the party started.

How to get The Mix

Friends Mixes are available through the Made For You portal on your Spotify dashboard. But in order for Spotify to have the data it needs to make you the perfect playlist, you’ve got to have made at least three two-person Blend playlists already.

If you’ve never even heard of a Blend Mix before, but you’re interested in having a Friends Mix, don’t worry – here’s a step-by-step guide to getting your new music recommendations.

1. Click on the search tab in your Spotify app, and type in “Blend.” 

 2. Then, click on “invite” to find a friend to Blend with you.

 3. If your friend accepts the invitation, Spotify will create a Blend playlist for you two based on your taste and your friend’s taste. Next to the song in a little circle will be either your friends or your icon, so you can know which songs Spotify picked for each person. Every day, your Blend mix will update in accordance with what songs you and your friend have on repeat in your own libraries.

 4. Repeat steps one through three with at least three different friends, family members, enemies, or lovers.

 5. Head to your Spotify dashboard and scroll down to the Made for You section.

 And, voila! Your Friends Mix awaits. It’s as if everyone you made a Blend Mix with has made you a mixtape, and they’re shuffled together in one place. That means that as long as you have Blend Mixes with all of your friends, you’ll have an entire playlist with songs that everyone will love – from emos to punk rockers, pop queens to indie fans. 

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