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8 Cosplay Outfits From Millionaire Trisha Paytas That We Actually Love

Trisha Paytas, a YouTuber Millionaire who rose to fame from 2007 onward, is known for many things: her wacky music videos, her controversial falling out with YouTuber David Dobrik, the time she claimed to identify as a chicken nugget, and of course, her videos crying on the kitchen floor. But if she’s known for anything, it certainly includes this: Trisha Paytas cosplay.

Over the years, the blonde millionaire Paytas has wracked up hundreds of cosplay looks. These are the 6 times she wore cosplay that was ~actually iconic~ (according to us, of course) below.

What is Cosplay?

According to Epic Cosplay, there is no set definition of it. However, it usually refers to the act of dressing in a costume to look like a character or person from a cartoon, film, book or even real life.

It can be time-consuming, expensive, and in many ways, is considered an art form. Some people do it for fun, while others take it very seriously, attending conventions or fan shows while donning their hard-earned fits. 

Whether it’s because she has the time or the money, it is no surprise that Trisha has a knack for it.

Trisha Paytas Cosplay That’s ~Actually Iconic~

1. Johnny Depp, sans Amber Heard

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

2. Drinking all the green juice, Elizabeth Holmes style

3. It’s Britney, @!%$*

Source: Instagram

4. The Dragon Queen

GOT cosplay
Source: Instagram

5. Doing the ‘Deed’

6. Add a little corpse to the bride

7. Lost or found?

8. Say hello to the Easter Bunny

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