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6 Therapists To Follow on TikTok For Mental Health Tips

21% of U.S. adults experienced mental illness in 2020, according to NAMI. If you are one of them, gaining a deeper understanding of mental health can help you develop coping strategies – and you can do so by following therapists on TikTok.

You heard us right. There is a growing appetite on social media for accounts that share posts about topics like mental illness or dysfunctional relationship dynamics. Hashtags such as #anxiety, #depressed and #adhd have millions of views on Instagram and TikTok. And actual therapists are on those platforms to provide education about mental health.

While content alone can’t replace therapy, filling your feed with educational videos and actionable tips from mental health professionals can be a great tool for boosting your mental well-being or supporting a loved one struggling with mental illness. It can also help you connect dots that will then lead you to seek the help you need. Just keep in mind that not every piece of advice is going to apply to your individual situation and that self-diagnosing is not the best idea.

Here are six therapists to follow on TikTok for a daily dose of mental health tips.

Your Mental Health is Important — Even TikTok Knows It

1. @drjuliesmith

From coping with anxiety and depression to improving your relationships, psychologist Dr. Julie Smith regularly shares mental health hacks with her 3.5M TikTok followers. Come for the bite-sized educational videos on topics like burnout, stay to try some of the approaches she uses in real-life therapy sessions.


Have you ever tried this? If you are struggling right now and can’t reach out to anyone check out my no.1 bestselling new book “Why has nobody told me this before?” Link is in my bio 🥰

♬ original sound – Dr Julie Smith – Psychologist

2. @theshaniproject

“TikTok is not therapy,” writes LPCC Shani Tran in her bio. The internet is filled with unqualified people dishing dangerous advice, so this refreshing disclaimer is a reminder that TikTok videos should be taken with a grain of salt. Now that that’s out of the way, you can enjoy Tran’s lighthearted videos about mental health or dive into her more serious but important posts about race and therapy.

3. @theholisticpsychologist

Dr. Nicole LePera is one of the most-known therapists on social media, and she is also the author of two books: “How To Do The Work” and “How To Meet Yourself.” On her TikTok account, LePera helps you discover what doing the work can look like in practice. If you want to learn more about nervous system regulation and childhood trauma, you’re in the right place.



♬ Fighting etc. Battle scene song(825716) – Shinnosuke Shibata

4. @micheline.maalouf

LMHC Micheline Maalouf is on a mission to break mental health stigmas. She turns complex topics into concise and approachable tutorials, and if you’ve been struggling with panic attacks, she shares a lot of actionable tips to help you cope in different settings (think, having a panic attack at a restaurant.)


This also works with spicy food, spicy candy, or salty. It helps shock your body, slow down your nervous system and reduce the intensity and duration of the panic. Have you tried this? #panic #panicattacks #anxietyrelief #tiktoktherapist

♬ original sound – Micheline Maalouf Therapist

5. @drnortontherapy

Are you curious about the behind-the-scenes of the life of a mental health professional? Do you want to learn how to set boundaries or gain more confidence? Dr. Marquis Norton shares a little bit of everything on his TikTok account, so whether you’re passionate about psychology or looking for guidance on your own mental health journey, he will have you stop scrolling to binge-watch various interesting tidbits.


Overthinking Part 1. Does this describe you or nah?

♬ original sound – Mighty Bay

6. @amoderntherapist

Psychologist Dr. Justin Puder might make you chuckle. And that’s exactly what he’s going for – because sometimes laughter is the best medicine. His videos are relatable to anyone who has ever been to therapy. For example, he has a fun series where he juxtaposes “first year being a therapist” and “five years being a therapist” reactions to different client situations. You’ll also pick up valuable insights while checking out his posts, such as the link between caffeine and depression.


✨ Respectfully ✨ get your butt in here. 🤓 #mentalhealth #therapy #forYOU #tiktoktherapist

♬ original sound – Dr. Justin Puder, Ph.D.

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