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The Most Cringe, Strange and Funny Messages From Doordash Drivers

DoorDash drivers are out of their element a lot of the time.

Contractors of companies like Doordash, Uber, Postmates, and more are constantly subjecting themselves to environmental changes and many potential anxiety-inducing situations. Not every delivery goes right. Not every delivery is comfortable.

A list of Doordash driver’s encounters has cropped up on Twitter. Here are a few of our favorite customer experiences.

The Truth Behind Doordash Drivers — In One Twitter Thread

1. Assuming One’s Age

“Sir, I work here. I’m 21.”

2. The Cat’s Out of The Bag

If only we were all blessed enough to have a Doordash driver that wanted to make us laugh.

Or cry. I guess it depends on how much you enjoy cats.

But this cat pretending to drive is the real-world interpretation of Toonces the Driving Cat. And if you understand 1980’s Saturday Night Live references, then you are a catch.

3. ‘Dude, where’s my order?’

4. Sampling The Food

Some Doordash drivers say very ambiguous things. Is he trying to be funny and mess with the person responsible for his tip and rating on the site? Or is he being serious?

Honestly, we kind of expect people to eat some of the food on the way back. Sometimes, we throw in an extra fry and leave a note for the driver to see that they can have them. Luckily, most people staple the bags right now to help curb the desire to eat food that is being delivered.

5. Possum Attack

The level of fear we are reading in this text is not something we are unfamiliar with. Possums on their own can be very stress-inducing. A pair of them? That’s a recipe for disaster.

6. Safety, First

Make sure that if you are expecting an order, you keep your eye on your delivery notifications. Retrieving your food as quickly as possible will allow your driver to take care of more deliveries and make more money, and allow you to eat sooner.

It’s not always rainbows and butterflies and hilariously timed references for the win in the Doordash community. As in many customer-facing jobs, there is some margin for human error. And, a lot of the time, too much awkward to handle.

In any situation, if you are being approached by someone who knows you are alone or away from a familiar place, always be aware of your surroundings. If you can, be sure to extricate yourself from the environment as calmly and subtly as possible. Your driver does not know if it is your phone number or someone else’s, and once their job is complete and you have tipped them, there is no need to respond. Boundaries are healthy if you desire them in any given scenario.

If a driver is attempting to find out if you are single or alone, be sure you trust and respect them. In most circumstances, this is regarded as highly unprofessional. So, if their advances are not okay with you, let them know or block their number. Or both!

It actually happens a lot more than most may realize.

7. All Things Considered, They Still Got Their Order

A run-in with the cops? This police officer did his arrestee a solid and finished delivering the Doordash driver’s client’s order for them.

I hope they tipped well!

8. Doordashers Be Wildin’

@javroar, who started the thread, was able to convey a tireless, beautiful and hilarious thought with a brief statement and a screen grab. His Doordash driver set the tone for the thread, sending him a promise and an estimated level of effort in a humorous way. We would have chosen it as our favorite regardless, as fans of Batman. Clearly the human who crafted this quirky message had a sense of humor – and, at the very least, an active imagination.

And maybe this human is Batman.

@BlaccTurtle experienced another level of terrified – terrified for the level of safety his Doordash order was in. Honestly, delivery drivers’ level and frequency of pay depend sharply on how efficient they are. And this means how fast they drive. People who drive for a living are bound to get pulled over at some point or another. It happens to the best of us.

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