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The ‘They Are A 10 but…’ Trend That is Shaking The Internet

They’re a 10 BUT… they don’t know what this trend is yet. Well don’t worry, you can send them this article to patch that all up. 😉

The latest joke format that has its grip on the internet is undeniably highly relatable. It’s all about red flags through a playful game format. As if dating isn’t already enough of a game, now you can play a game about the game.

The ‘They Are a 10 But…’ Trend Works Like This

Essentially you say a person, who you’re hypothetically attracted to, is a certain number on a scale from 1-10 BUT they have an attribute that would potentially sway your number in the opposite direction. Then someone else, or yourself, responds with a new number on the scale based on what they or you think the attribute’s effect is.

@Dylanadler6 on Twitter hits us with the perfect example that we can, hopefully, all agree on! And @calebsaysthings gives us a classic self-deprecating example that, unfortch, too many of us can also fully agree on.

The obvious uses of this trend start with the hypothetical person in question being a 10 and the attribute being something that would lower that. Like: he’s a 10 but he wears the same shirt every single day or she’s a 10 but every room in her house is floor-to-ceiling mirrors. What would your new number be in these situations? Do you think that guy needs another shirt or are you already planning to hold your breath and carry Febreze? Do you think that girl is a little too obsessed with mirrors or are you into the idea of always knowing who is a vampire the second they walk in the door?

The Best of The Trend

It really could go either way! Which makes the game super fun to play with a full group responding to the same prompt like @averyrizzotto and her besties here since everyone in the group can have completely different responses!

Especially when the ‘but…’ attribute gets a little more nonsensical like @zahra and her besties. 



ok what do y’all think LMAOO #hesa10but

♬ original sound – zahra

Some people have taken the trend and applied them to incredibly specific situations like this airport moment from @talialichtstein. Who can relate? Locking eyes is seconds away from a marriage proposal.



♬ original sound – Talia Lichtstein

The trend has been flipped on its head by @ginnyhogan_.

It’s been thrown to the dogs by a @biffthesamoyed,

It has even been taken to the hospital for labor with @egelson99 and the doctors giving us the tea.

The ‘They Are a 10 But…’ Trend Simply Cannot Be Tamed

And it makes sense! We’ve all got red flags we look out for and we’ve all got what some might call yellow flags – things we’ve just got the ick for. My ick would be if you put shoes on my bed. Or any clothes from the outside world. Those do not belong here! I wash these sheets! Yeah, sure, it has been 3 weeks since I washed them… But this isn’t about me!

At the end of the day, we must take away a lesson. What can we learn from all this? No one is perfect unless they’re perfect for you. And ain’t that just the sweetest thing you can even imagine? Your perfect 10 is perfect for you. And hopefully, you’re their perfect 10 too.

Someone better turn that into a poem… I’ll wait!

This article has definitely been a 10 but it made you spend your whole lunch break watching TikTok videos and deep-diving into some of your favorite Twitter accounts. Although let’s be honest, you were going to do that anyway.

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