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5 Halloween Costumes For People Who Don’t Like To Dress Up

For some, Halloween is a way of life. The spooky decorations, the cult classics, and the abundant sugar. For many, dressing up is the appeal of Halloween, but finding the right costume isn’t always easy.

Alas, having a Halloween costume is a must. That’s why we have you covered with these five costume ideas made for people who don’t like dressing up.

1. For when you’d rather stay at home…

A skeleton onesie is perfect for keeping it simple and spooky.  It’s super comfortable and you can wear layers underneath it. If you are willing to go a little further you could paint your face or wear a mask! 

What you need:

  • A skeleton onesie

The effort needed: Minimal, with some extra effort if you choose to paint your face

Silliness rating: 2/5 – Skeletons are standard at this point but there’s something intrinsically silly about them.

2. When it’s too early for Christmas…bring Christmas to Halloween

This tree sweater is perfect for those eager to skip to Christmas. Just pair it with brown bottoms so your legs are the tree trunk and voila! Plus you can reuse it in December! 

What you need:

  • A Christmas tree sweater
  • Brown bottoms

Effort needed: Minimal 

Silliness rating: 5/5 – I mean, it’s literally a tinsel sweater.

3. Where’s Waldo? Here!

Where’s Waldo is a classic so you’ll look like you’ve made an effort when you haven’t done that much. All you need is to pair the top and hat with some jeans. It’s the nearest to everyday clothes that you’ll get.

What you need:

  • The Waldo hat and sweater
  • Blue jeans

Effort needed: Minimal 

Silliness rating: 2.5/5 – Wolly is a cartoon character so its silly but the costume is so lowkey.

4. Is it a bird? No, it’s you! Superman!

You don’t have to be a fan of Superman to wear this costume. It’s literally a Superman T-Shirt under a work shirt. This may be the easiest, most stress-free costume there is. Plus, layers. And layers keep you warm.

What you need:

  • The Superman logo t-shirt
  • A shirt and your normal clothes.

Effort needed: Minimal 

Silliness rating: 1/5 – if you button up the shirt, no one will even know.

5. Literally anyone from the Matrix

Black leather jackets, chunky boots and 90’s black sunglasses are all the fashion right now. You may already have them in your wardrobe, or you could get them from a friend. Either way, this costume looks like you’ve made an effort when really, you haven’t.

What you need:

  • Black 90s sunglasses
  • A long black leather jacket
  • Black pants
  • A black t-shirt
  • Black boots

Effort needed: You might need to put some effort in if you don’t have these items

Silliness rating: 2.5 – I know it’s a character costume but you could easily get away with calling it fashion.


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