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Top Habits You Can Start In January And Then Immediately Quit

Feeling hopeful for your new year? So are we! Hopeful that we’ll stick to our resolutions for half of January, then completely give up.

Habits are important to building a daily routine that makes us feel successful at the end of every day. Habits build inner peace, keep us grounded, and help us turn into our ideal self. 

But, and stay with me here, habits are also hard! And annoying! So, sometimes, you simply end up quitting them. Or letting them fade out gradually. Like a bad date that you muscle through for the sake of the other person’s feelings. Just keep “oh, gosh I’m busy this week”-ing your way out of there. 

The best part about habits is starting them. So go ahead! Get your habit on! And then get your quit on! Equally satisfying!

Here are top habits you can start in the new year, that are totally ok to give up. 

Make Your Bed

Listen, people go off about how much joy this gives you and it does! They’re right! But here’s what I think… don’t make it yourself. Date someone who will do it. Date someone who’s cleaner than you. You have all of January to make your bed yourself and simultaneously find someone who will do it for you. Good luck, soldier. 

Take a Break from Social Media

Hey this one is actually perfect to do for just January. Even one month off of social media will likely change your life. It’ll be like doing Whole30 but for social media apps. You’ll feel renewed and refreshed after the one month and have learned absolutely nothing. 

Exercise Every Day

Try this one! I dare you! It seems like a great idea and would be awesome if it was literally possible. Every damn day??? What am I… an influencer? The Kardashians? Father time? 

Learn Something New

Learning something new is a great resolution. Like a language or how to make a frittata. But here’s the thing… why learn all year. Learn enough in January to post about the fact that you learned the thing then give up.

Save Money

Save some money in January!! That way, you’ll have money to spend the rest of the year. Facts are facts.

Create a Gorgeous Morning Routine

They say it’s the thought that counts. So think long and hard about what your ideal morning routine would be. Continue writing different versions of the endless possibilities of how YOU can spend your morning to achieve perfection on a daily basis. Ultimately, you’ll turn these into an ebook of elaborate and gorgeously curated morning routines that you can sell for millions. Ok, wait… this is actually just a genius business idea.


No one does this. I guess try it out for yourself in January and then completely abandon this. Join in on not doing it. Join us.

Give Up Soda

Wow, you made it to January 5th without a Pepsi. Go you. Celebrate with a…Pepsi.

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