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Monk Mode: A Life Hack to Reach Goals

Meet monk mode, a life hack that involves cutting out distractions to relentlessly commit to reaching an important goal. “Monk mode changed my life in ways that I would have never dreamed of. Monk mode gave a dream business. It gave me freedom and a life of world travels,” writes Lucio Buffalmano, founder of The Power Moves.  

What Does Monk Mode Involve? 

You’re probably thinking, “sign me up!” But wait, what exactly does monk mode involve? The term is not new – it floated around entrepreneurship and self-improvement circles. It’s inspired by the isolation and self-discipline that monks practice, and it recently gained steam as a productivity hack. 

In short, monk mode is a hardcore way to embrace discipline. Buffalmano defines it as “the deliberate elimination or scaling back of social interactions, dating, unhealthy habits, and time-wasting activities to focus solely on a self-development goal.” 

That’s right. If you adopt this way of life, you kiss your Netflix binges and Thursday night happy hours goodbye. Rather than mindlessly scrolling social media, you put your head down and work on your goal. You can also think about this in terms of short-term versus long-term gratification. Sure, you may experience FOMO when you say no to certain things to dedicate yourself to your goal, but once you achieve said goal, the rewards and fulfillment are sweet. 

The Pros And Cons Of Monk Mode 

On the one hand, embracing monk mode can be a powerful way to transform your life, especially if you know that you need to make serious changes because you’re unhappy with your current situation. It may be a grind, but it can yield results for years to come. Imagine the satisfaction of turning a side hustle into a thriving full-time business. Additionally, if your monk mode involves eating healthy, working out, and being budget-conscious, it benefits your body and bank account. Plus, avoiding social media can also improve your wellbeing. 

On the other hand, there are downsides to social isolation and hustle culture. Some experts are worried about the impact of the trend on mental health. “While using less screen time for social media or watching your favorite TV shows can improve your productivity, you may find that having a break from constantly working or studying is going to help your mental health in the long run,” shared education expert Seren Andrews from Immerse Education in a Glasgow Times article

Paula Allen, Global Leader and Senior Vice-President of Research and Total Wellbeing at TELUS Health, told Glamour UK that it’s easy to overdo it when your sole focus is getting things done. “In completely isolating yourself, you can get lonely, fall into a cycle of working too hard, and get caught up in your own thoughts. You may miss out on essential communication, support and interactions with others, all of which are fundamental to the functioning of a team and emotional and mental wellbeing.”

In other words, there is a fine line between discipline and burnout. That said, embracing monk mode without going to extremes can be an excellent move for turning cherished goals into a reality. Just keep things balanced with intentional mental health breaks that include leisure and connection. 

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