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Dara Pollak Plays With Her Food

Food influencers are far from the new kids on the block. Food blogs have been around since the early 2000s, and before that, food message boards (RIP, Chowhound) were where lovers of food debated the best cheap burgers and the most overrated of eyebrow-raising high-cost Sauternes wine.

The natural evolution of food bloggers is the almighty food influencer. These fearless foodies share what to eat, how to cook, and where to make reservations for a special occasion.

But almost nobody has made their fans spit out their seltzer from laughing so hard as Dara Pollak.

Pollak, who started her tenure with a blog called The Skinny Pig and now runs her own creative consultancy and content creation agency, came to food after a traumatizing accident that altered the entire course of her life. Then she started incorporating her comedy chops into her social media persona, where she found her niche.

Her “secret sauce” is her mixture of approachable recipes, thoughtful restaurant reviews, and ability to skewer food influencer culture, including herself.

Remember butter boards? Dara took that further with the soup board, a disgusting mess of clam chowder and tomato soup on a cheese board.

And when it comes to really delicious recipes and genuine opinions on restaurants, she’s got you covered there, too.

Her passion for food and laughter seem intertwined, and considering how much human beings both need to laugh and – well – eat, it’s easy to imagine how her community has grown to 86.5k strong.

Sure, she can produce the enticing photos and copy expected of a content creator.

But to get to the real meat of it, get to the comedy.

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