Memes For People Who Hate New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is an insane holiday. I’m simply not a fan! What it has become and the expectation of celebration on the night… is truly nothing short of complete chaos.

People do crazy things to celebrate New Year’s Eve! For some reason, the end of the year and beginning of the next means “spend all your money and forget this night” to many.

The expectations are high. The night of your life MUST be had. And the possibilities are endless and should include nothing less than a boat ride through a river of champagne. 

In NYC’s famed Times Square nearly one million people smush themselves into approximately one square mile to freeze their butts off and soak in their own adult diaper piss. People arrive as early as 5am. Or even camp over from the night before to get the prime spot. Why? Because it’s New Year’s Eve.

Here’s Steve Harvey on NYE in Times Square 2017-2018, getting completely roasted on the internet.

Maybe it’s because people are conditioned to believe that this holiday means the end of the world. But if we’ve learned anything as of late… The end of the world could be any time of year! 

In my HUMBLE opinion, and the opinion of many, the New Year’s Eve craze has gone too far.

The ringing in of the New Year for me? It’s a calm experience. I let the new year wash over with a light, fun celebration. Devoid of up-charging experiences and belligerent adults. 

If you are like me and you do not hold NYE in your heart as the holiest of holidays, then these memes are for you:

An accurate depiction of the crowds I will be happily not in!

And an accurate depiction of the hangover I will not have! 

And an accurate depiction of people biting off more than they can chew in hopes to completely change themselves this January. It’s not the New Year unless we’re lying to ourselves! Check out these top habits you can start in January and then immediately quit. (link to other article)

At the end of the day, Harry has it down. It’s only as big a deal as you make it. For me, that means not making it a huge deal. Of course, I take time to reflect. And express gratitude for all the good things in the past year. But I will not be celebrating the bank account massacre that is going out partying on New Year’s Eve night.

And, of course, pour one out for all who must work on this night. Thoughts and prayers to you.

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