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The Top 6 New Christmas Songs To Take for a Spin Before The New Year

In this day and age, holiday music takes over the airwaves earlier and earlier every year. An entire week before Halloween this year, people were already hyping Christmas tunes and songs about cuffing season and cozy weather happiness. The night of Halloween, my friend’s teenage son sent her a video he created that played Mariah Carey’s “I Don’t Want a Lot For Christmas” with the caption: “I can hear her already.”

It’s both a funny aspect to the Hallmark-movie life that the holidays have turned our winter season into in North America, as well as an unwelcome device of torture. So, I’m torn every cold weather season when I get holiday-themed music sent to my inbox to cover. But this year? There seemed to be a few catchy gems that I couldn’t stop listening to.

Here are our favorite new Christmas tracks to bump before December ends.

1. Bishop Briggs, “Cheer”

A simple piano chord progression layered with bells and Bishop Briggs’ ethereal, raspy, intriguing vocals make for a truly endearing Christmas song. Since the singer became a mother earlier this year, it seems her life has changed in ways that make her see the good in the world a little more readily, as witnessed on her personal social posts. That positivity is mirrored in this song, which feels like the perfect one to share with new members of your family – whether experiencing the holidays through the eyes of a newborn or introducing a new loved one to your social sphere.

2. grentperez, “When Christmas Comes Again”

Really into the magical sounds of a lounge singer with a comfy, cozy instrumental section? How about songs that could easily be danced to at a holiday party, or (truly) enjoyed during an elevator ride to the top floor with a new friend? Alt-pop artist grentperez brought the perfect amount of anticipation to the holiday seasons with his sultry new track “When Christmas Comes Again,” and we would be willing to bet this track will easily rival even your Bublé favorites.

3. Serge Clivio, “Christmas for Two”

Multi-talented singer/actor Serge Clivio released an entire album this holiday season, aptly titled Joy. Serge took his time to create a handful of enigmatic, original tracks that he tucked in around some traditional favorites. The 13-track album is a breath of fresh air in its entirety, especially felt in “Christmas for Two.” This is one of those songs that deserves placement in celebrity Christmas specials and the cold-weather romantic comedies we have become so fond of (or familiar with) over the years.

4. ATL Jacob, “Every Christmas”

We got a special treat this holiday season with the first release from ATL Jacob’s independent label Wicked Money Family and Republic Records in the full-length Wicked Money Family Christmas album. Artists like Serayah, Marcoo5K, and Skrew Davinchi have tracks on the album as well, but ATL Jacob’s “Every Christmas” is a real showstopper. While he takes the role of Santa and do-gooder, the listener gets to melt into his lyrics with a new-found confidence of their own. 

Can you say: “the perfect song for those who get to play Santa in their own lives”?

5. Tara Macri, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

Looking for a beautiful new spin on a classic? Actress, voiceover talent, and pop artist Tara Macri released her rendition of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” which reaches another level of honesty with her heartbreakingly beautiful vocals. Her trio of Christmas covers joins a tremendously important body of work that is both uplifting and celebratory. 

6. Bluphoria, “When The Snow Falls”

Seeking out a dreamy, vintage-tinged track to enjoy over the next month or so? (And beyond…) Might we suggest psychedelia/blues/alt-rock outfit Bluphoria and their new track “When The Snow Falls”? We have to credit the four-piece for keeping everything on-brand and effortlessly original with this release and not working with a re-imagination of an existing song. We dare you to be in a bad mood after swinging your hips to this future classic.

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