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7 Items Harry Styles Can’t Live Without

Global pop phenomenon, former One Direction member, and British heartthrob Harry Styles is just like us – he’s got to have his accessories, books, and favorite t-shirts. And while some of his must-haves might be a little out of our price range, we can still learn a lot about the star by reading about all the things Harry Styles just can’t live without.

1. His oldest journal

Harry’s pride and joy is the journal he carried around during his days in One Direction. He always has a journal with him now to record his most intimate thoughts, song lyrics, and poems.

“A friend of mine bought me the first journal about five years ago,” Harry told Another Man Magazine. “I love traveling with them now, finishing one and getting a fresh one. I take them all with me to the studio.”

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2. His favorite hair clip

Harry’s history of long hair began in his One Direction era, when he had a mop of curly hair that he swept to the sides. Though he chopped off his luxurious locks for a time, he couldn’t stay away from long hair. Now, his hairstylist Ayae Yamamoto is there at the beginning of every show, making sure his hair is in perfect form.

However, when Ayae isn’t around, Harry loves to pin his hair back – especially with claw clips. His recent favorite is the Emi Jay floral clip that vigilant fans saw clipped to his luggage on his way to the Venice Film Festival this year.

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3. His running sneakers

Active harry loves to stay fit, and he has a collection of running sneakers to help him do so. His most commonly purchased brand is Adidas, and fans have recently seen him in the UltraBoost sneakers. Additionally, Harry’s affinity for shoes Adidas shoes is so well known that he debuted the Adidas x Gucci collaboration on stage.

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4. A pair of fun denim

Since 2019, Harry has had a thing for bellbottom pants. He loves vintage flare pants, such as trousers, corduroys, and slacks, but he just can’t get by without his interesting denim looks. He’s also seen sporting Molly Goddard gazebo pants on the cover of his latest album, Harry’s House.

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5. His limited-edition Daniel Riccardo merch

A little-known fact about Harry is that he loves Formula 1 racing, and his favorite driver is none other than Daniel Riccardo, who drives for McLaren and represents Australia. Just last month, Harry was spotted wearing merchandise from the Daniel Riccardo Speedway collection. And Riccardo was absolutely thrilled about it – apparently, he and Harry have a close mutual friend who can’t believe the two didn’t connect sooner.

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6. A vintage ride

Harry not only has a collection of cars that he owns, but over the years, Harry stans everywhere have come to realize that Harry will drive a vintage vehicle anywhere he can. He’s been seen driving a 1972 Ferrari Dino and a Ferarri California around Los Angeles, an Audi R8 Coupe (which he bought for himself in 2012), and even an antique speedboat on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Harry also owns a Tesla Model X, a Jaguar E-Type Roadster, a Ford Capri, and a Land Rover Range Rover, among others.

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7. Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

Harry is a voracious reader, but he loves no book more than Murakami’s story of a young Japanese man reflecting on his school days in Tokyo. He told Rolling Stone that Norwegian Wood was the first book he “couldn’t put down,” and his creative director Molly Hawkins added that unlike anyone else, Harry will actually read any book you give him.

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