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This Artist Transforms Spray Paint Cans into Explosive Pop Art

Heavily inspired by skateboarding culture and the graffiti-laced aesthetic that comes with it, Mr Mars pushes the boundaries of street art’s place in the collectibles market.

His latest series Bombers delivers a colorful mashup of mediums, featuring distinct pop culture icons bursting out of exploding spray paint cans. What better way to kick off this series than the Kool-Aid Man…

Kool-Aid Man. You can hear the OH YEAH!

My Bomber creations started when a collector reached out for me to create art out of his sons favorite Buzz Lightyear toy which had broken. I worked it into a can and voila.

Harry Potter
Bob Ross

I usually have Bob Ross on repeat in the studio, I always loved his positivity and calm way of teaching.

Walter White

Each piece takes up to a week or two, including multiple drying times as I create my works out of a mixture of vinyl, plastic, and real up-cycled spray-paint cans

Stripe, Gremlins

I always get the “sideways dog” face from peoples faces when they first see my work. Usually followed by “I’ve never seen this before,” which I love.

Miles Morales

Make sure to visit Mr Mars’s website, where you can add a Bomber to your collection. His Instagram is also a must follow.

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