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This Artist Incorporates Nostalgia in His Fun, Plushie Tattoo Art

Florida-based tattoo apprentice Christopher Crawford is a natural-born artist. Since childhood, he has been in the art world, and that interest extended into his college years. Now, he incorporates one of his favorite bits of nostalgia — plushies — into his work, which can be found under Plushie Ink.

“The idea for these came from a game I used to play growing up and taking that concept and developing my own style with it.”

Christopher’s incredible characters are created in collaboration with his clients, and his books are open now.


Learning a new medium to create your art with is so fun but with tattoos it’s permanent so that can be scary at times.


Everyones always so amazed at the idea, we all had them growing up and we all have sentimental things so usually everyone just excited to see their favorite things turned into plushies!

Nar Plushie

Orlando is one of the most accepting and open communities I’ve ever experienced – it helps that the culture here is super nerdy as well!

Tod Plushie

I’m surrounded by a ton of other amazing artists at Arlia and definitely wouldn’t be where i am without all of them!

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