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The Big Brunch
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4 Things That Make Dan Levy’s “The Big Brunch” So Alluring

I love brunch.

Savory, sweet, a fun combination… I will eat pancakes, waffles, fries, quiche, a great bagel and shmear, or otherwise. Give me bellinis and rose, citrus juice, or a hot chocolate concoction. This delicious ritual of great friends enjoying each other’s company is something I have always been on board with.

So when Dan Levy’s face popped up on HBO next to the term “brunch,” I had to check it out. Here is why I believe you should take some time to enjoy this offbeat chef’s challenge show, “The Big Brunch.”

The Cast Is Inclusive

Whoever was involved in casting this show did an impeccable job. They chose people from all racial backgrounds, religious and social affiliations, cultures, and regions. Some of their chefs were professionally trained, while many had complicated and beautiful back stories that really made their vision for their meals come alive.

Take, for example, fan-favorite Catie Randazzo, who is the Executive Chef of Huckleberry Bakery & Cafe in Santa Monica. She is able to come to some hard self-realizations during the show, and her vulnerability makes her endlessly relatable. Or Danielle Sepsy, a pastry chef from New York who has already made quite the name for herself through her elaborate and eye-popping confections, as well as her wholesale business.

Then there’s Roman Wilcox, co-owner of the first 100% plant-based food business in El Paso. You can find his culture and family traditions sprinkled throughout his creations, as he explores flavors that led him to his own meatless diet in recent years.

Episode Themes Make It Original

While many chef competition shows explore multiple ideas per episode, The Big Brunch simplifies things with a cohesive theme throughout each episode. Take, for example, Episode 1 Today’s Brunch Special is You. From the name alone, you get the impression that the chefs have been tasked with representing themselves, somehow, on their plates.

And that is exactly what is happening. The episode allows each chef to introduce themself in a unique way, using ingredients and techniques they are fond of or that represent a part of them. It is an incredible icebreaker and gets the audience to consider how they would present themselves if given the opportunity.

The chefs get especially vulnerable in the third episode, titled “Farm to Table Brunch.” They get to individually dive into clean ingredients and this is where we begin to truly see the emotional side to some of them. This is especially true for those who have started their own clean food journeys, which it seems they are all very cognizant of the importance of.

The Recipes Are Accessible

Incredible-looking courses created in front of a camera for me to learn about? Sign me up! While some recipes are a little bit more difficult to master, many of them are created with simple ingredients and accessibility in mind. If you really want to see an eye sore, tune into the bread episode, Carb Loading Brunch.”

Looking for a spin on Thanksgiving and other cold-weather holiday favorites? Explore episode #7, Holiday Brunch. We may have snagged a few tips to make this year’s festive favorites a little more elevated than usual!

Dan Levy Is The Host And 1 Of 3 Judges

Need I say more?

If I must, the man’s biting sense of humor perfectly entangles with his affinity for food and helping to make people’s dreams come true. The winner comes away with a cool $30k, and the others get infinite wisdom – and humor – from the judges.

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