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If You’re a Dog Lover, You’ll Love This TikTok Trend

A viral TikTok trend follows “dogs at daycare and their problems” paired with Louis Prima’s rendition of the song Pennies From Heaven – but why is it so popular?

Since mid-August 2021, these videos have flooded the internet with the latest additions posted as recently as yesterday.

The reason that this trend took off and stayed strong isn’t just because the dogs are sweet and loveable – they’re also relatable, inspiring, and pure.

Why People Love ‘Dogs at Daycare and Their Problems’


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♬ Pennies From Heaven – Remastered – Louis Prima

1. It’s an adorable trend

Whether or not these dogs have problems, there’s one thing that’s for sure: they’re cute to boot. Even the ugliest little dogs, looking at the iPhone camera with sad, longing eyes, are too cute to handle. And there’s actually science behind watching sweet and lovable animals to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Check out Cocoa, who looks like she’s being haunted, or Wicket, who “fights her own shadow (and loses).” Despite their frazzled appearances or ludicrous antics, these dogs are endearing, devoted creatures with love to give.

2. It’s a relatable trend

Another reason this trend is so popular is that the dogs are incredibly relatable. Sometimes, if you’re having a rough day or you’re feeling a little slow, the only way to aptly describe your mood is through the art of avant-garde self-deprecating humor. After all, studies show that meme-sharing culture correlates with psychological well-being.

We’ve all been Max, whose “brain is always buffering,” or Anya, who “doesn’t know how to howl so she always screams.” Seeing dogs that have a slew of neuroses comparable to our own can help put things in perspective – everybody has those days, even if they’re a five-pound Maltipoo.


And we still love every single one of them with our whole heart 😂💙 #fitdogpack #dogdaycare #doggyproblems #ItsGreatOutdoors

♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

3. It’s an inspirational trend

The world seems unstable enough these days, and hearing that dogs have problems just like humans could be a bit sad. But the good news is that these problems are harmless, and though they may make these dogs weird, it also makes them special.

Take Marigold the Labrador puppy who must be held like a baby at all times – while her problem might make people’s arms tired, it’s not hurting anyone. And even though Doug only has half a tail, that isn’t stopping him from enjoying life to the fullest. By seeing dogs with silly problems and hearty spirits, viewers feel inspired to shake off worries about their own problems and live in the moment.

4. It’s a versatile trend

The other great thing about this trend is that it keeps evolving. Some videos involve dogs at daycare and their quirks rather than problems. Others list dogs at daycare that were named perfectly. And there are even videos that continue the trend by replacing dogs and daycare with other animals, like horses at a rescue or cats at a cat café.

There’s also a trend within a trend, with dogs at daycare that are “always judging you.” But you can rest assured that Bubba the bulldog‘s side-eye isn’t personal – some dogs will give you what dog experts call a “whale eye” to express anxiety, fear, or even a desire for a little personal space.

It’s paw-sitively fun!

If you’re ever on your For You page on TikTok and see this trend pop up, you’ll know its history and why it’s so enjoyable. Now sit back, relax, and scroll through dog videos to your heart’s content.

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