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DIY Plant-Based Milks are Trending

Remember when the dairy aisle was limited to whole milk or skim? Times have changed, and our options have expanded considerably. Non-dairy, plant-based milk is more popular than ever and can be made at home.

Is it Hard to Make Homemade Plant-Based Milk?

Have you ever considered making dairy-free milk at home?

It sounds intimidating, but TikTok has you covered.

In the video below, @Tasty shows how simple it is to use Soyabella‘s Plant-Based Milk Maker to make almond milk.


what nut milk should I make next?? link in bio to get your own nut milk machine 😍🥜 #almondmilk #dairyfree #nutmilk #nutmilkrecipe #greenscreenvideo

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After all, you know exactly what goes into milk if you make it yourself. It’s ideal for anybody concerned with allergies or looking to save money on expensive, store-bought alternative dairy.

Below, @LoveOfEarthCo shows a simple milk recipe using Pecans:

How Do You Make Plant-Based Milk at Home?

First, choose the main ingredient(s). You can stick with one main ingredient, like hemp seeds or pecans.

Next, add the extra ingredients and mix-ins like water, maple syrup, or dates. Most recipes call for at least a 3:1 ratio of water to nuts.

Then, blend and strain: Voila, homemade nut milk.

Are you looking for more flavor? Below, PureJuicer shows off a flavored plant-based milk. This one uses beets to sweeten and add a beautiful hue of pink naturally.


Cold-Pressed Beet-Almond Milk mixed with turmeric spices. Rim covered with a powder from our cranberry-pomegranate-orange-clove. This was dehydrated and ground up. . Beet-almond Milk recipe coming soon. Shrub recipe in our link. #purejuicer #almondmilk #homemade #vegan #plantbased #pinktreats

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Between inflation affecting grocery prices, concerns about what goes into food, and the sheer joy of cooking, there’s never been a better time to make milk at home.

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