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Do We Believe The AI Manga Ghost Detection Filter?

Have you ever wondered if there was a ghost in the room with you? Are you pretty sure you’ve felt the presence of someone from the afterlife? Well then… TikTok’s Manga filter may be for you. Let me explain:

TikTok recently released a filter that transforms real images into Manga (Japanese comic art), using AI. You just strike a pose, snap a pic, and wait for the filter to Managa-fy you. Easy as pie! 

But what’s CREEPY is that people are detecting OTHER BEINGS in the room with them. The filter is rendering additional subjects that are absent from the initial photo, either sitting adjacent, or on the bed in the background, or standing at the top of the stairs, and so on. And what could that be except a detection of another warmth? Another being? A spirit? A GHOST? 

Whatever it is, people are deciding that this filter secretly detects paranormal activity.

See for yourself…

Boo, a Manga Ghost

@rosepetals4_20 uses the filter to look through her house for ghost detection. She claims that her grandmother, who passed away in the house a year ago, used to tell them of the spirits in the space. Now, Rose is seeing results.


5 ghosts counted so far and I didn’t even go into the guest bathroom or the master bed & bath 😬🙃 #aitrend #ai #aighosts #fypシ #foryou #rosepetals4_20

♬ Hide and Seek – Sare Remix – Lizz Robinett

@liminalearth seems to be a paranormal hunter at large. In this video, he shows us around his house, discovering spirits abound. 


Using an AI Manga filter to do ghost hunting around the house.

♬ Somebody’s Watching Me – Single Version – Rockwell

And @fesch6 gives a great reaction to the AI Manga filter showing potential spirits in every corner of the room… she gets the heck outta there!

Do We Believe?

Personally, I am all in on spirits. Come hang, y’all! The more the merrier.

I definitely believe we all have ghosts of our past that are watching over us. For better or for worse… they’re looking. I don’t think they can really do much. But their energy in the space is definitely able to affect the vibe.

Like bad or good juju. I’m into juju is what I’m saying.

But what good does it do to KNOW that there are ghosts around you? Not much! You can not change the ghost world. You can, however, satisfy your curiosity. And that’s enough to get people on the internet to do literally anything.

Do I believe it? Yeah. Why not? 

But also, no? It could be anything. The warmth of the sun. The filter just sucks. Etc.

What do you think? Are these spirits? Do you believe in spirits at all? And if so, do you believe enough in TikTok filters to detect said spirits? There’s a lot of believing that goes into buying into this one. But hey, why not. Life is boring. Might as well believe in things.

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