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The 11 Funniest Examples of ‘Quiet Quitting’ on TikTok

Quiet quitting is the latest buzzword in the corporate world. And it’s estimated between 67% and 85% of U.S. workers are partaking. It is a trend that is apparently changing the workplace, and well — it’s a complete vibe. Well, not a complete vibe for bosses who are less than impressed.  

What is Quiet Quitting?

It is basically doing your job and not letting it take over your life. It’s only what is required. For example, if you start at 9 am then you will start no earlier — even if it’s suggested. Or if you have extra work, you won’t do it past work hours. 

It’s Not For Everyone

It’s also worth pointing out that for many in society, it isn’t an option. @thesicceo has also pointed out on Instagram that it’s a luxury that most neurodivergent people can’t do.

@_thehrqueen also takes to TikTok to say that this trend would be difficult for minorities and encourages people to be mindful. 

Whatever your take is on the exact meaning of the term, and how it can be applied, it’s something that is taking over the internet.

TikTok’s Funniest Examples of Quiet Quitting

So, without further ado, here are the top eleven funniest examples of the trend that we found, below.

1. ‘It’s 2022 and we’re acting our wage’. 

2. ‘She’s been going above and beyond for years and has nothing to show for it, why would I? 

3, ‘Don’t expect something for nothing, or does that only apply to poor people?’


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♬ original sound – Scott Seiss

4. ‘POV: *Quiet Quitting* By Generation

5. ‘Which means I’ve been on trend since the 2010s’ 

6. ‘Back then working hard translated into upward social mobility’’ 

7. ‘If you’re a quiet quitter, you’re a loser.’

8. ‘Talk about it o social media, and this helps ruin it for the rest of us’

9. ‘Pay me…like one of your best guys. It’s very straightforward’.

10. ‘If you call showing up right at 9 and leaving right at 5 “doing your job”

11. ‘When you’ve been “Quiet Quitting” for years’


Yeller’s been doing that forever, it was just never properly named 😂 #quietquitting #livingthedream #comedy #mypetmonster #monstersyn #gravers original audio by@bungalow_jonathan

♬ original sound – Bungalow Jonathan

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