This Light Therapy Lamp Might Cure Your Insomnia

Do you feel more anxious when surrounded by yellow-tinged lighting in your office setting? If you are highly influenced by color, you may feel calmer surrounded by blue and green light, high-strung or energetic by red light, and more creative around orange light. 

How Light Affects The Human Body

Varying types of lighting may impair your sight long-term. Additionally, the time of day in which we’re exposed to light may drastically impact our sleep patterns. This, in part, is due to vitamin D exposure and the anti-inflammatory effects it induces in the body. It can help you feel stronger.  

Without enough sleep, your body could experience an array of symptoms. Disassociating from your work or feeling unproductive is one of the first signs of lack of sleep. Feeling disoriented, experiencing uncharacteristic mood swings, drastic changes in eating patterns, and memory issues could all be signs that you are experiencing sleep deprivation

Introducing: The Light Therapy Lamp

Morning exposure to more natural light can help decrease your chances of depressive swings and may improve your overall health. Not everyone can get outside for an early morning walk or a grounding session. The weather, a busy schedule, and even daylight savings time can make morning activity impossible. 

Light therapy lamps have helped many stave off seasonal depression in winter. They simulate sunlight and allow you to adjust brightness depending on the time of day. This enables you to slowly get used to the light and not throw yourself into complete blindness from the voltage at first sight.

While the Sleep Foundation greatly deters its patients from experiencing light exposure at night, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that “Bright light in the evening, 2 hours before bedtime, will make you feel sleepy and fall asleep later.” 

Either way, keeping your light around in dark spaces – such as offices and homes with limited windows – may help improve your health.

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