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This is What Your August Horoscope Says About Your Love Life

It’s August! Leo Season and the fire of the sunshine are out to play. We’re all melting away in the astronomical heat of summer that, I for one, always forget is possible. But it’s here. And so is a change in your love life — according to your August horoscope.

So, to celebrate how hot it is, let’s look at what’s heating up in your love life according to your zodiac signs.

Your Love Life as Told By Your August Horoscope

1. The king of the August horoscope, July 23-Aug 22: Leo

Leo, it’s your time to shine! Leo season is roaringly about YOU. And love for you this August 2022, is going to also be… about you. Your practical love life may be a little dry, but hey! Turn that frown upside down and use that romantic energy to love and celebrate yourself instead!

Give that energy back to YOU. Maybe something magical will happen in a different sphere of your life…

2. Aug 23-Sep 22: Virgo

This month is about spontaneity and abundance! You are going to be seeing a lot of opportunities coming your way. Likely this will be the case in love as well 😉

Be careful to follow the opportunities and people who bring light and positivity into your world.
You’re on a good train, so make sure you surround yourself with the people and things that are exciting for you or similarly radiant to you.

3. Sep 23-Oct 22: Libra

Libra is definitely feeling themselves this month. As Leo energy explores, Libra is really trusting themselves! Go off kings!

You’ve been through some doubtful spells and now, it’s time to embrace your own truth and connection to your universe. You’ll likely find that open spirits like yourself are gravitating towards you in this time of peaceful understanding and open play.

4. Oct 23-Nov 21: Scorpio

Hold on tight, Scorpio, because this month may be a bit rocky!

There’s work to be done in your romantic world. Don’t shy away from it, but also take caution not to get lost in it. Connect with friends, take in multiple sources and be out in the world. Don’t lose sight of yourself within the struggles. Chaos is in your nature! Balance is possible if you work hard.

5. Nov 22-Dec 21: Sagittarius

Get your groove on, Sagittarius! This month is for connecting with your body.

Whatever that means to you. Your journey to deeper and more magical love this month starts with connecting to your breath, your energetic body and how you hold yourself. As the one who’s always the life of the party, take time to thank your physical form that carries you.

Shake what your mama gave you.

6. Dec 22-Jan 19: Capricorn

Capricorn, take it easy. This month may be a little slow. Don’t let it get you down. Seep into the slow pace. Let yourself really think things through without making any concrete decisions.

Your partner, if you’re in a relationship, may act as a bit of a guide for you this month. Your August horoscope wants you to soothe yourself and enjoy the introspection.

7. Jan 20-Feb 18: Aquarius

Aquarius is looking at an August of change. Be prepared for surprises and embrace the moment.

Maybe it will lead to a deeper connection with whoever you’re relating to. Make peace within the change! The last 10 days of August are also expected to be quite the confidence boost for Aquarius. So if you’re single… that’s your time to shine 😉

8. Feb 19-Mar 20: Pisces

Pisces, you’re in for some balance. I know — what?! How on earth?! — But yes, life will feel balanced.

Though your relationship may not be as magical and spark forward this month… life itself will be even-keeled. Try not to get too enticed by something juicy like a crush’s friend’s Instagram story where your crush just might be featured… or your ex’s new boo’s account that you check daily… enjoy the balance. Revel in the calm.

9. Mar 21-April 19: Aries

If you’re a single Aries… go out! This August is a great flirting time for you.

You’ll be attracting the interest of your crushes. But no need to do too much! Keep your cards close and your energy in check. You may feel tempted to spend a lot and live large this month. But remember that loving is free and turning to small sweet gestures and simple shared experiences is just as valued as something lavish.

10. Apr 20-May 20: Taurus

It’s an emotional month for you, Taurus. You may experience some high highs and low lows.

Turn these on their head by using this month to clear up past issues with love. The present may be tumultuous and making sure your path forward is clear will be crucial. Trust that the harsh revelations that come up this month, pleasant or not, are coming to you for a reason. Act from a space of awareness with all that comes to you. And take a nice bath.

11. May 21-June 20: Gemini

Gemini growth time! This month is growth for you in love and life.

If you’re with the right person, there could be some major steps within the relationship. And if you’re crushing on someone, their place in your life will become clear. Communication is going to be key here. Be direct, be honest, and it’s gonna be just right.

12. June 22-July 22: Cancer

UH OH. Saved the cutest for last because Cancer is gearing up for a romantic month.

Our advice? Get yourself a sexy getaway with whoever tickles your fancy. Or with all your most loved friends. Passion is your August fashion. Wear it well, wear it loud!

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