Need a Feel-Good Boost? Cat and Capybara Will Give It To You

The tenets of Buddhism state that life is an endless cycle of continuous suffering, and sometimes, that’s how it feels. Your job, friends, family, and partner are all on your nerves, and you wish you could get away. At times like this, you need something to help you forget the horrors of this broken world and help you see the good in humanity again. Thankfully, Cat and Capybara are here, and they’re precisely the heroes we need.

Thought up by a video game creator named MatatoGames, Cat and Capybara are two best friends who go on all kinds of wacky adventures together. Matato has teased plans to turn the Cat and Capybara saga into a video game, but the demo is not yet out.

Their irreverent and odd twirling, dancing, and bounding through various low-resolution landscapes to an incredibly joyful 16-bit soundtrack has won the hearts and minds of viewers on TikTok. And while the Cat and Capybara universe is still growing, five videos outshine the rest by millions of views.

Their First Meeting

The most popular of the Cat and Capybara TikToks is their first meeting, an animation also used to introduce the upcoming eponymous game. With just a few simple movements, you can tell how overjoyed these best friends are to be convening for the first time. Their instant connection and raw spark are truly undeniable. If only life were as simple as meeting a Capybara on a walk through the forest and setting off together to a life of exploration and joy. But we can dream, can’t we?


The demo game’s intro: the original video remastered 🐈‍⬛🦫 It will just be a small (hopefully fun) demo game. I’m not claiming that it’s going to be a good game, but it will be the most game ever. #maxwell #dingus #cat #capybara #maxwellthecat #dingusthecat #maxwellthecarryablecat #meme Maxwell ambient song: @Chopin_beats Model credits: -«dingus the cat» ( by bean(alwayshasbean). -«Shopping Cart» ( by AdrianXY. The models are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ( Starting song: The Funky Russian Train by Sinister Sane

♬ original sound – Matato

Freeing the Borzoi from the Dungeon

Cat and Capybara’s next journey involves conquering a dungeon to free a damsel (or dog) in distress. The long-nosed hostage in a cage is what I can only assume to be a warped permutation of a Borzoi, the particular breed of Russian canine known for an elongated snout. The Borzoi then gives them a lift out of the dungeon using his elegant schnoz as transportation – a far cleaner and safer ride than the New York City subway.


Part 6: Didn’t I do it for you #didntidoitforyou #dog #borzoi #maxwell #dingus #cat #capybara #maxwellthecat #dingusthecat #maxwellthecarryablecat #meme #gamedev #fyp Maxwell model by bean(alwayshasbean) and shopping cart by AdrianXY on Song: The Funky Russian Train by Sinister Sane

♬ original sound – Matato

Going Into a Volcano

Next, Cat and Capybara find themselves face to face with an alligator who takes them into a volcano that leads to a hot springs, much like the famous meme. This viral photo is, in fact, a picture of a scientific study in which Japanese scientists calculated these healing pools’ effects on giant rodents. By examining their facial expressions, eye shape, and ear position, they found that after 21 days of bathing, the capybaras had softer skin, a vibrant glow, and were all-around more relaxed.


Part 8: Shortcut to pull up 🐊🍊 #pullup #masbro #catandcapy #maxwell #dingus #cat #capybara #maxwellthecat #dingusthecat #maxwellthecarryablecat #meme #gamedev #fyp #iwontstop Model credits: -«dingus the cat» ( by bean(alwayshasbean). -«Shopping Cart» ( by AdrianXY. The above models are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ( Song: Stock Market by Mr Weebl (

♬ original sound – Matato

A Rendezvous with Handsome Squidward

Cat and Capybara then stroll in the ocean to find an octopus that turns into Handsome Squidward when squished by a rock. They then hop on a fishing hook that takes them to the surface, where I imagine more wild antics occur. You’ll notice a few easter eggs in this video; first, another friendly long-nosed dog is in the background. Also, believe it or not, the fish hook Cat and Capybara take to the surface is reminiscent of one of the many in Episode 20 of Spongebob Squarepants, called “Hooky.” We’ll never know whether this was intentional or not, but it is fun to think about.

They Face The Biggest Bird

Cat and Capybara are getting their steps in when suddenly the music stops, and the tiny penguin in front of them grows to an unsightly size. It soon becomes clear they’ve faced their most formidable enemy yet: the Biggest Bird. We never see the end of the fight, as the game is still in development. But rest assured, Cat and Capybara are still alive and making TikToks for our enjoyment. Matato encourages us to check their Instagram page for updates as the game’s evolution progresses.


The game took an unexpected turn during development… #sorrynotsorry #uni #bossfight #maxwellandcapy #catandcapy #maxwell #maxwellthecat #dingus #dingusthecat #cat #maxwellthecarryablecat #capybara #meme #gamedev #fyp #imthebiggestbird #biggestbird

♬ original sound – Matato

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