Libra Season
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How To Make The Most Out of Libra Season, According To An Astrologist

We are officially out of Virgo season and September 23rd marked the official beginning of Libra season — but what does that even mean?

We spoke to Lizzie Burgess, an astrologist and psychic — who provides tools, resources and services based on divination like tarot, astrology and dice through her business Backyard Banshee — to decipher everything you need to know about the air sign season.

What is The Season All About?

Libra season runs from the 23rd of September right through to October 22nd. Lizzie tells us, “Libra is an air sign ruled by Venus, and is all about balance, beauty, and relationships.”

She explains that Libras naturally seek harmony in their relationships and that balance is extremely important to them. Also, Libras are a social sign, so meeting new people and social interactions can be more enjoyable during this time. Libras are naturally attracted to art, beauty and luxury. They might find these more appealing during the season, too.

But how does this play out in our lives? Lizzie has broken it down for us so we get a little guidance about how to best take on this time of the year.

4 Things You Need To Know This Libra Season

1. Other People’s Perspectives Aren’t To Be Ignored

“Libra season is a reminder that there are two sides to every story,” Lizzie says.

It’s easy to think that our way is the right way. Especially when we experience challenges like new jobs or new relationships. But that’s not so true. According to Lizzie, “there are always three sides: yours, theirs, and the truth somewhere in the middle.”

To really be in tune this season, she suggests taking a step back and trying to see things from the other’s perspective. Especially if you’re feeling cranky or tense. This should help make things calmer and help to find some common ground.

2. Find beauty in everything. Big and small. 

Lizzie stresses that it’s okay to indulge this Libra season — whether it’s a trip or a luxurious meal, They encourage finding beauty in the big and the small to bring in joy.

3. Indecision is okay

Libra’s symbol is the balancing scales. But not every decision is black and white.

Lizzie says that your indecisiveness could actually be a strength and reminds us that we don’t need to rush to make the correct decision. We need to question where our sense of urgency comes from. 

4. Enjoy the company of others

According to Lizzie, Libra season is the time to nurture your relationships. No matter if you’re in a relationship or single right now, use this time to nurture your bonds.

They suggest doing this by planning a special date with a romantic partner or friend, having deep meaningful conversations with those you care about and even paying attention to other people in small but impactful ways.

5. Speak up

Libras have a natural sense of justice. And as we know, balance is important to them. According to Lizzie, this is the time to stand up for what you believe in.

She urges us to do what we can. Maybe donating to a cause, writing an article about a topic you’re passionate about, doing a triathlon, or even having a conversation with someone new. Every little thing counts. She reminds us that it’s never futile to fight for what is right.

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