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How To Be Your Own Instagram Boyfriend

Just like 4000% of the population, I too am addicted to Instagram. And in my constant scroll, when I come across a constant poster, I often wonder… who takes all these photos?

Some are hired photographers, some are friends, foes, family… Some pictures are mirror selfies. And some people just take pictures of pretty lakes and call it a day.

But there’s a certain group of personal photographers that live in their own category: The Instagram boyfriend, girlfriend or partner. It’s real! The coined term is what every Instagram girlie dreams of.

The Instagram boyfriend is either your partner who just happens to be a photographer or who is patiently trained to get your angles just right and take your 400 photos because hey, what is love if not this? @Tiffwang_ gets it.

Some might even wonder, why have a lover otherwise? Sure they give you unconditional love and support and you celebrate each other and go on adventures… but can they make you look like you’re 6’3”, glowing and priceless?

But, hey! Not everyone has an Instagram boyfriend just lying around! So… Now what!?

Be Your Own Instagram Boyfriend

Put on your best damn outfit, snap pics of yourself with reckless abandon, post them, and BOOM you’re a star — here are some tips and tricks to get the perfect shot.

1. Confidence is key 

You’re a badass and you can do anything!!! Repeat 10 times before embarking on your photoshoot. 

There’s a good chance someone’s gonna see you snapping pics, like a random car sitter near @emilywardyo while she got the shot. But neither that nor the cold stopped her pizzazz! 

Keep your hot girl energy at the forefront, and you’re already 99% there!

2. Gadgets 

Tripods are a girl’s best friend! 

Most people recommend getting one large standing tripod and one small tripod with spider legs that can wrap itself around other things. 

@mollerina_ recommends grabbing a Bluetooth clicker that syncs up with your phone to pair with a tripod, 

And @Alana_isbell shouts out to this the app Lens Buddy that essentially does the clicker work for you.

You could also go old school using the countdown feature on your phone to make the photoshoot into a relay race as well. 

Or my personal favorite… just take a video! That way you can do as much motion as you want, and screenshot your favorite moments afterward. Just make sure to pause in each pose for a few seconds.

3. Make It Work 

In the words of icon Tim Gunn… make it work! 

Pick an outfit they’ll never forget and a location that will make mouths water. Like how about you in a banana outfit in a watermelon field? I see it! 

There are so many creative ways to capture your moment, tell your tale, and show your glow. 

@rachelnoelleclark makes it look easy.

And Karen X Cheng makes it looks EPIC.

So go off! Be your OWN Instagram Boyfriend.

You can do it. 🙂

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