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Butter Candles – Yes, You Can Eat Them

Butter boards are so 2022. The new small bite trend is a creamy light source you can both craft and eat – butter candles. Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like – a real candle made out of butter instead of wax. As the wick burns, the butter melts and the warmth of the flame gently heats any other ingredients or aromatics added to the butter.

To enjoy, just light the candle, serve with bread, and dig into the warm, soft butter.

TikToker @sooziethefoodie is renowned as the inventor of this delicious candle.


My favorite thing to make is hands down butter candles #candle #butter #nye

♬ TO THE MOON – Jnr Choi & Sam Tompkins

It’s a relatively simple technique that involves softening a stick of butter then molding it in plastic wrap to form a cylinder.

Or, some people melt the butter completely then pour it into a mold and freeze it. No mold? No problem! @cookingwithbello uses half a coke can to mold his melted rosemary butter candle.

Don’t forget to add the edible-grade wick while molding. Edible wicks can be purchased online or in some craft shops.

Of course, it’s not all about the butter – the add-ins make the candle. Herbs, roasted garlic, flaky salt, and anything else that tastes great seems to go well with a butter candle.


Garlic girls need garlic butter candles to go with their bread πŸ§„πŸ§„πŸ§„ #garlicgirl

♬ original sound – YDEN

If you’re not a huge fan of bread (first of all, are you okay?), branch out with the dipping options. Roasted potatoes, crunchy crackers, and even steak are all delicious options.

As a bonus – it makes an inexpensive and impressive holiday or hostess gift.


curing my winter sads and hanger all at once 🀀😘 thank you @dapper_house_menagerie #buttercandle #homemadegiftidea #butterandbread #cozyvibes

♬ the swan by saint saens – ⋆ . β‚Š ⋆

Even if this wasn’t so delicious, it would be worth it to try this at a dinner party for the sheer looks of terror on faces when you take a bite of the candle (before you let the guests in on the delicious secret).


Have you seen the butter candle trend? I thought it was crazy, but I’m down to try anything and it actually was really easy to make and was delicious! #buttercandle #trending #charcuterie #neutralkitchendecor #valentinesdayideas

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