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5 Small Purchases That Will Change Your Life, According To Reddit

Reddit’s community is huge, highly active and a good place to spot trends — it’s the sixth most visited website in the United States, with a highly engaged group of users. 

On the platform, users spend an average of nearly twelve minutes per day, compared to less than ten minutes on Facebook. Reddit also allows users to share anonymously, so it’s a great place for honest discussions and free-form sharing. 

Recently, the channel /r/LifeProTips posed the question: “What small purchase have you made that has had a significant impact on your life?” The original poster added a price cap of $100 to clarify what they meant by “small.” 

Reddit users did not disappoint, either — here are a few of our favorite recommendations from the lively discussion. 

1. Sunrise alarm clock ☀️

If you’re still starting the day to the tune of the preset alarm on your phone, it’s time for an upgrade. Sunrise alarm clocks gradually light up before finally playing a gentle sound to wake you up.

According to wevegotscience, “The difference between being startled awake and slowly prompted awake is astounding.”

Other users chimed in to say it was a game changer for their morning routine, recommending this Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light for just under $100. 

2. A bidet 🚽

Bidets have been popular in Europe for decades if not centuries and the U.S. is starting to catch on to the appeal.

More than 9,000 users agreed with this recommendation from BunnyHop4806. One user wrote, “[For] the longest time, I thought it was over-rated. But then I dropped the $40 or so on one that hooks up hot and cold water and I finally understood the hype. My cheeks have never been so clean.” 

If you’re interested but not sure where to start, Wellness site Self has an extensive list of bidet attachments for you to explore. 

3. Duvets of all sizes 🛌

Redditors have a few different opinions on what makes a life-changing duvet.

One user recommends sizing up and getting a king-sized duvet for a queen bed. Another user went the opposite direction and got two twin-sized duvets for the bed: one for themselves, and a different one for their partner.

Ultimately, the goal of switching up your duvet size is to find a system that optimizes cozy duvet coverage for everyone involved. 

4. An anti-fatigue mat 😴

An anti-fatigue mat is essentially a squishy, gel-like mat made to support your joints if you’re standing a lot during the day. Cashiers at stores often use these mats; you can get one for your kitchen or home office if you use a standing desk.

“I was gifted an ugly one and put it in front of my kitchen sink to be polite – now I don’t know how or why I didn’t get one years ago,” wrote junglebetti. There are plenty of options to explore on Amazon.

5. Extra-long phone chargers 📱

Charge your phone and sit comfortably to use it, too.

Depending on the type of phone you have, you can get phone chargers that are 10 ft long, which comes in handy when you need to plug in and still get stuff done. One commenter called this simple purchase “life-changing.”

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