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Is Lucky Girl Syndrome Good For Us?

STRAP IN, because we’re talking luck, light and positivity. Is it attainable!? Can you manifest luck!? Or is it all BS? I’m here to tell you… yes. All of the above.

Supercharged Positivity

Most of us want to be positive and live life with a high frequency of blissful, good vibes. It would be amazing if this optimism were constant. Many of us chase this ideal mindset in some capacity if we don’t feel we have it. 

We try new trends to achieve unrealistic bliss; manifesting, vision boards, the power of positive thinking, the law of attraction, etc. The list goes on. The idea is simple: think good things and good things will happen.

But then we feel the opposite. We re-contextualize, and find ourselves in a trap of toxic positivity. That, in pursuit of the ideal, we can get to a point where we’re forcing something unrealistic. We avoid the real feelings underneath the mask of positivity, ultimately creating inner turmoil. 

Positivity should not push out the bad. Rather, it should be a beacon of ‘hope for the best’ instead of promoting a ‘fearing the worst’ mindset.

This brings us to today’s topic: 

The Lucky Girl Syndrome

Oh to be lucky. Have you ever felt like one of your pals is the luckiest person ever though? Or that everyone around you has luck and you simply have none? What if you could just… have luck?

Dream no more, the internet has decided YOU can be lucky if you try hard enough. Enter Lucky Girl Syndrome.

The idea is similar to positivity hacks of the past that encourage manifesting. Express that you are lucky, mean it, and your likelihood of luck will increase. 

The Lucky Girl Syndrome has blown up on TikTok, amassing more than 130 million views, and popped off on by influencers like @lauragalebe and @skzzolno.

The phrases to use are simple. You can say any of the following affirmations to yourself:

  • I’m so lucky; everything always works out for me
  • The universe is always conspiring in my favor
  • I always know the next step, everything works out for me
  • The Universe will show me luck today

And boom! Luck.

Here’s the thing, I do think it helps. If you want it to work, it helps. What it can’t be is a solution. Optimism or a mantra is a helpful tool. A step towards the ideals you desire. But it is not a ‘solve everything’ button.

As long as you stay grounded in that reality, you might as well give yourself that lucky little boost. 

And hey, the magic of the moment in which you experience luck and you just so HAAAAPPENED to have told yourself you would… now that’s a beautiful little treat.

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