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I Unexpectedly Moved a Week Before My Wedding — This Is What Happened

What are the two most stressful things you can do in life? They say it’s getting married and moving. Whoever they are, they’re usually right. So, being the Gemini I am, I had to find out if it would be the same case for me when I unexpectedly decided to move a week before my wedding.

With my fiance and I’s big day on the horizon, would I feel stressed about my move? Would everything work out according to plan? Could I unpack my things, make my new home feel put together, and still get married without a hitch? With all these questions in mind, I called Roadway to make it happen. 

After paying thousands in deposits, and choosing what to pack and what to donate, my husband-to-be and I looked at each other and said, “Are we really doing this?” Surprise, surprise: We did. This is what happened.

Making the moving plunge

I’ve lived in New York City for five years now, and in every single move so far, I decided to bite the bullet and use a moving company. Luckily for me, I found Roadway Movers early on, and have never had to know the pain of moving in the Big Apple sans help. This time was no different, minus the white dress approaching and worrying if we could pull it off. 

“Moving to a new home can be an exciting and thrilling experience. Still, it can also be quite stressful; a real rollercoaster,” Roadway says, “There’s a lot to handle, from packing up all your belongings to coordinating with movers. But fear not, my friend, Roadway Moving has seen it all, and we’ve got your back.”

Having worked with Roadway a few times before — like when I lived on a third-floor walkup and was single — I knew that, at the very least, we could expect a professional, and friendly team of Movers to show up morning of to tackle whatever we had.

The truth about being a moving bride

In the tapestry of life, some moments stand out as the promise of a new chapter. Saying “I do” is one, while saying goodbye to the old and hello to bright possibilities, is another. 

On the morning of our first big day of the week (the move), I woke up feeling nervous. I hadn’t packed every last item up, and we didn’t have extra boxes, and I hadn’t had my coffee yet. I was also in the process of realizing it would be my last time in that apartment — a space that had helped me heal for four years when I got divorced at a young age and found myself again — so it all felt bittersweet.

Soon, our team of Roadway movers arrived, and they had extra boxes on hand to give us, which helped relieve any anxiety I had. My fiance, sister and I stood surrounded by half-packed boxes, trying to finish it all off, while the team quickly and quietly wrapped my mirror, my couch, and my mattress, and seamlessly carried boxes out into the hallway and into the truck. I found that it all happened so fast, like a dance between anticipation and sentiment, between looking forward and glancing back.

My fiance, like he always is, was extremely supportive and helpful throughout, as we packed the final things up. Meanwhile, I ran out to get us all coffee and returned to find that the whole apartment had been packed up and hauled into the truck. Just. Like. That. 

It was time to head to the new apartment, which wasn’t too far away. My sister and I grabbed an Uber, carrying a few house plants and wedding things in hand, like extra note cards for the placemats, ribbon for the bouquets, a portable printer for Polaroids and other small bridal pieces. It wasn’t long before Roadway (and my soon-to-be husband) caught up with us.

Then, it was just… easy. The team brought every box in, handling it with care, while asking us where we wanted each of them. They unwrapped our mirror and mattress, and set it up, before leaving us to unpack our things in our new space. As per usual, Roadway didn’t disappoint in their efficiency, care and kindness.

Although this move was last minute, my fiance and I both felt like we had room to breathe, unpack and take in our new home. We’re about to start a whole new chapter, and we can do so in a space that is ours, not just mine.

In the end, moving one week before getting married has felt like a metaphor for the journey of marriage itself. Life doesn’t always adhere to our carefully crafted plans, and when it comes to love, we must be flexible to weather anything that comes our way together. If anything, it has shown us that we’re able to adapt and grow together, even in unexpected times.

It turns out, moving on your wedding week can be one of the hardest things you ever do. But if you’re like me, and choose to work with a moving company you can trust, it makes it all that much easier.

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