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3 Pottery Accounts You Should Be Following Right Now

Pottery. A pastime once reserved for long-haired hippie types and fans of the movie Ghost experienced some revival in recent years. Sure, it probably stemmed from the pandemic giving us time to try new things while stuck inside our homes. But somehow, this beautiful (and fun, dynamic hobby) has gone the opposite direction of sourdough and plant parent enthusiasts, gaining even more traction since. (We see you, Seth Rogen.) 

Here are 3 of the hottest potters out there. 



@PotteryWithaPurpose is a collective of creatives and potters selling at-home clay kits and handmade ceramic projects like mugs and bowls. The company is woman-owned, based in the United States, and charitable; they donate a portion of proceeds to mental health advocacy and organizations. Their products are responsibly sourced and sustainably packaged, and they are continually working to improve their community for themselves and the world at large.

Sign up for one of their Virtual Team Workshops to get more hands-on in clay. Purchasers can tag the account on photos of their creations online for chances to win more kits and merchandise. 


Kansas-based potter Ashton – or @HighNoonPottery – has brightened Kansas City with their mission of “no boring pots.” While these designs have been inducing laughter and inspiring people to start their day on the right foot for a while, this is the first year the business is a full-time operation. Our favorite staple? “Anxious But Hot” since it describes basically everyone we know.

Fair Warning: Many of the words used in these designs are NSFW. Be aware when perusing her content! 



@NorthCoveClay is a potter specializing in mugs that look like yak lips, each with a different name and vibrant floral details. She also creates ethereal coral planters and incense burners that will bring you back to the east coast with each use.

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